Duchess Kate Middleton Wins At Weight Loss, Gets Healthy After Royal Baby’s Birth With Yoga And Organic Diet

Duchess Kate Middleton received acclaim for looking fabulous after the birth of Prince George two years ago, and now with Princess Charlotte. But the secrets of exactly how Princess Kate achieved that post-baby weight loss so quickly are only now being revealed, reported Glamour.

Now cozy with Prince William and her two royal children, Duchess Kate is happy at her country home in Anmer, Norfolk. And she’s on something of a health kick as she recovers from her pregnancy and publicity over the royal baby’s birth.

So, just what are the essentials for a royal diet? Everything that’s organic and green.

Pippa Middleton, the popular sister to Duchess Kate, decided to make it easy for her busy sibling to eat right by having fresh juice delivered to her doorstep. Kate is particularly fond of green juice.

In addition, Duchess Kate has become the “Smoothie Queen,” because she uses her Nutribullet blender to make smoothies overflowing with vitamins from veggie and fruit drinks. But it’s not just a liquid diet that she uses to take off the post-pregnancy pounds.

Duchess Kate also believes in eating organic vegetables along with those green drinks, reported Us Weekly.

“She just enjoys green juice in the morning. It’s Kate’s go-to for an extra boost,” said an insider.

Prince William also has benefited from Pippa’s influence.

“Pippa was the one who got them into juicing. They all love it!”

And Duchess Kate doesn’t demand that her staff shop for her. Instead, she goes herself to Back to the Garden, which is a little store that sells organic food fresh from the farm.

“She’s buying fresh local produce,” revealed an insider. “All organic. People give her space. No one is rushing over to ask for selfies.”

It’s all part of Prince William’s and Princess Kate’s desire to raise their children in a normal, middle class environment as much as possible, as the Inquisitr reported.

Although neither parent is abdicating the responsibilities that accompany being a member of the royal family, they also want Prince George and Princess Charlotte to be shielded from the press and paparazzi as much as possible. And that means keeping them happy and content in the country, away from the media.

As for exercise, Duchess Kate is known for being a fan of yoga, reported E News. She did prenatal yoga, as well, to help with recovery.

The family dog, Lupo, has provided Kate with a cheerful, faithful companion for the long country walks that she enjoys taking, as well, to boost her calorie burn and her spirits.

[Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images]