Rachael Farrokh: 40-Pound Anorexic Actress Begs For Help

Actress Rachael Farrokh made headlines by recently releasing a YouTube video that focuses on her real-life struggle with anorexia nervosa.

Daily Mail reports that the 37-year-old woman has suffered from the eating disorder for over a decade. Her condition and overall health has drastically declined in recent months. According to the report, the 5’7″ actress’ weight of approximately 40 pounds has made her a liability that many hospitals in her area refuse to treat.

In the video, Farrokh asks viewers for donations to help cover medical expenses from a distant hospital that might be able to help her.

“I need your help. I’m suffering from an eating disorder. It’s a very severe kind of anorexia… I’ve been suffering from this for quite a while now… I’m five-[foot]-seven, 40-something pounds and no hospitals will even take me at this point. There’s one hospital across the country that can help, and my chances are very slim. We need your help.”

Her husband, 41-year-old Rod Edmondson, has reportedly quit his job as a personal trainer in order to become Rachael’s full-time caregiver.

In an interview with ABC News, Rod opened up about how his wife’s lifestyle before her battle with anorexia nervosa began.

“She was a very active individual growing up. She was valedictorian, graduated summa cum laude. She’s a perfectionist.”

Farrokh spoke to ABC News about a moment when she reflected on past photos of herself and was determined to get back to that point of her life (and health) again.

“My sister gave me a collage of pictures of when I was acting or doing certain things. I look at that girl, the head shot, it’s only a few years old. It’s like I know I’ve wasted this much of my life. I just want to be that person again — that strong, independent woman that can be herself.”

Rachael Farrokh admits that her anorexic journey started with the seemingly innocent desire to lose weight in order to improve her abs. However, the loss of her job and painful memories of her past caused the eating disorder to spiral out of control.

In her online video, Farrokh talks about the GoFundMe page that has been set up with hopes of funding her medical treatment and associated expenses. With a goal of $100,000, as of right now, over $47,000 has already been raised.

For those that are not financially able to donate money, Rachael Farrokh and Rod Edmondson explain other ways that people can offer their assistance.

“If you are not in the position to help us financially, please keep us in your prayers and pass the link on your Facebook timeline. Someone you know may be able to help or maybe it will at least bring awareness to how deadly and widespread this disease is.”

According to Eating Disorder Hope, it is estimated that up to 4.2 percent of women have suffered from anorexia nervosa at some point in their lifetime. Unfortunately, it also has the highest fatality rate of any type of mental illness.

As a result of her struggle with anorexia nervosa, Rachael Farrokh has also suffered from liver and heart failure, in addition to undergoing multiple blood transfusions.

[Image Credit: YouTube]