FX’s ‘The Strain’ Season 2 Start Date Announced

Fans of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain will be delighted to hear Season 2 of the FX vampire series will premiere on July 12 at 10 p.m., according to Deadline. So, in only a couple of short months, fans will be able to find out how Dr. Goodweather, the head of the Centers for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City, copes with the spread of the viral epidemic and the transformation now occurring in New York.

Season 1 of The Strain was considered the most-watched newly released scripted series of 2014 for the all-important 18–49-year-old age bracket, according to both Neilsen and The Strain’s studio, FX. So, it came as no surprise when this series was renewed for 2015.

The production side of Season 2 has just wrapped up and cinematographer Miroslaw Baszak is excited to, once more, be able to stamp The Strain with his own interpretation of the book series it is based on, The Strain Trilogy. While the author of the books, Del Toro, still keeps a very tight rein on how The Strain unfolds on the screen as opposed to his vision within the books, he is still mindful of Baszak’s roots in the independent theater scene, which help him to color the TV series with more than just a technical or visual aspect.

“Guillermo set up very, very concrete visual parameters that we tried to follow throughout the series. Within those parameters, we had a lot of freedom as cinematographers to kind of put our own twists and our own stamp on it.”

Even with Guillermo allowing input, he still managed to control the overall feel of The Strain with his own ideas on things such as tone, color palette, and even locations. As for book fans who have started to complain the TV series has begun to drift away from the original source material, hold on tight, because Season 2 will deviate even further, according to Guillermo Del Toro.

“The second season goes even more off-book. Because what works in the books, even in terms of structure, if we come from the backbone structure of the book it won’t work. Because we need the flexibility. And in that respect, it happened even in the books.”

Del Toro then goes on to explain how this occurred even in the books, that nothing is ever set in stone, particularly when translating between the two mediums of the written word and TV.

Below are the latest video teasers for Season 2 of FX’s The Strain. Unfortunately, they are still currently region locked for North America.

[Image credit: FX]