Don’t Expect Carrie Underwood Scented Perfume Any Time Soon

Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Justin, Bieber, Adam Levine, not only are all of those singers internationally known music super stars, they also carry their own line of men’s and women’s fragrances. One person not planning to join that list anytime in the near future however is Carrie Underwood.

While she may be a mega superstar in the world of country music Carrie Underwood told AOL’s The Boot on Saturday:

“I really don’t know if I would do the whole fragrance thing. I don’t want to smell like anybody else.”

While we’re sure she smells like other people since we assume she baths and uses deodorant she reveals that it’s more or less that she doesn’t want people to have “her scent.”

Carrie added:

“If people walked up to me smelling like me, it might weird me out. So that one’s not quite for me.”

That isn’t to say that Carrie Underwood won’t put her name on a product or offer her face for sponsorship. After all Carrie is the current face of Olay. Underwood also says she wouldn’t be against putting out a line of clothing and perhaps a shoe line in the future.

Carrie says of her fashion ambitions:

“I would love to do that for other people and create things that people would like to wear.”

Who knows perhaps Carrie Underwood will become the next Jessica Simpson of the fashion world, creating a billion dollar line of products that share her design sensibility and name.

I wonder if anyone told her the perfume wouldn’t actually smell like her because that would be just plain weird.

Would you be willing to purchase from a Carrie Underwood line of clothing?