Jon, Kate Gosselin Fight Intensifies: Mom Of 8 Leaves Kids With Nanny, Mum On Whereabouts

In the latest goings-on with Jon and Kate Gosselin, word is that the custody fight is getting fierce. Insiders allegedly told InTouch Weekly that the divorced couple and parents of eight children are due in court next month over Jon’s battle to win full custody of their 11-year-old daughter. The struggling DJ dad alleges abuse and the breaking of custodial rules. The gloves are off, y’all.

Jon is fighting Kate over custody because he claims Hannah said his mother was being verbally and physically abusive towards her. Daddy Gosselin said he learned about this back in April during a visit at his home. The insider claims the young girl is afraid of her mother and wishes to stay full-time with him at his home.

During that time, Jon is said to have taken emergency custody of the girl without an order signed by a judge. She ended up staying four days with her dad, and decided she is better off with him. Jon Gosselin agrees — he fears for her safety, according to said rumors.

In an effort to make light of the situation, Kate took to Twitter shortly after news hit of Jon’s fight for full custody. The busy mother of eight kids posted a pic of herself with daughters Hannah and Leah, stating they had just ran in a race, and she was “so proud of them.”

However, things turned worse for Kate Gosselin after Jon’s fight with her went public. It seems there’s a matter of custody breach and Kate’s distrust of her kids, this according to InTouch Weekly‘s unnamed source.

“She took off for four days last week. She left the kids with the nanny. Kate is supposed to give Jon first right of refusal to take care of the kids when she goes away and she didn’t.

The kids told Jon that they didn’t know where she went and had no way to reach her because she doesn’t give them her cell number.”

Supposedly, Kate has little trust for her children. She fears that if she were to give them her mobile number, it would land in the wrong hands and “she doesn’t want random people calling her.”

It’s unclear how Jon and Kate Gosselin’s fight for custody will pan out. Hopefully, they are civil enough to resolve their grievances without the expense of their eight kids.

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Jon and Kate Gosselin Custody Fight Update