Dylan, Cole Sprouse: Former Child Stars Graduate From NYU

Actors Dylan and Cole Sprouse have officially gone from child stars to college graduates.

The 22-year-old twins graduated from New York University on Wednesday, and did not hesitate to share their photographed memories of the occasion via social media.

Not only did the former Suite Life of Zack & Cody stars graduate, but they apparently graduated with honors.

Cole Sprouse showed off his tassel on Twitter, confirming that both he and his brother both received honors.

Dylan Sprouse posted a picture of his Honors tassel on his official Instagram page with the hashtag #dweeb.

Dylan Sprouse

Us Weekly and MTV both report that Dylan graduated with a concentration in video game design, while his brother Cole majored in archaeology.

Long before the Sprouse brothers became Disney stars with The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, they starred on the hit 90s sitcom Grace Under Fire, starring Brett Butler as the baby of the family — Patrick Kelly.

They later starred as the firstborn son of Ross Geller on the hit NBC series Friends, for several episodes between 2000 and 2002.

Even though their first movie role was in the 1999 film The Astronaut’s Wife, Dylan and Cole Sprouse made their first major theatrical debut in the hit Adam Sandler film, Big Daddy.

In the years since their small and big screen debuts, Dylan and Cole Sprouse seemed to keep busy in Hollywood right up until they decided to pursue higher learning at New York University.

During an online interview for a popular YouTube series back in 2013, Dylan Sprouse explained why he and his sibling decided to leave Disney (and acting) behind in order to focus on college.

“Historically, Disney Channel stars don’t survive well outside of the Disney environment… we decided that we should go and get a higher education [and also] give time for people to forget about us. If we left and returned four years later after we’ve grown, gained an education, looked physically different… it would only do good for us.”

Now that they are college graduates, perhaps Dylan and Cole Sprouse will be able to make their highly-anticipated return to the acting world.

[Image Credit: Dylan Sprouse Instagram]