Julia Holmes: Son Refuses To Claim Deceased Mom’s Body From Morgue — With Pretty Good Reason

Julia Holmes died under bizarre, mysterious circumstances, her decomposed body along with that of her husband, as well, discovered by burglars in their home on Monday — and Holmes was a bizarre, mysterious person. She lived such a strange and horrible existence that her own son refuses to claim her body from the morgue and won’t attend her funeral — if there is one — because his mother lived “a wicked and selfish life.”

Before you judge her son, Paul, 43, of County Down, Ireland, you’ll want to read the Inquisitr story at this link, reporting on Julia’s death which took place in March in Limerick, Ireland, but was only uncovered by the unsuspecting burglars this week.

In that previous story, you’ll learn that 63-year-old Julia Holmes was a serial con artist and bigamist, who married three times — the latter two to men unaware that she had never been divorced from her previous husbands — and was wanted in two countries for big money fraud schemes. She even once embezzled from a children’s charity at a fundraiser that neighbors, oblivious to her true identity, trusted her to manage.

Police sources say that investigators are exploring the theory that her latest husband, Thomas Ruttle, 56, somehow became aware of her criminal past — a past in which she used dozens of aliases — and of the fact that their marriage was an illegal sham. As a result, Ruttle may have poisoned them both, investigators speculate.

Officially, police have not determined a cause of death for the couple. They believe, however, that Ruttle had no part in any of her crimes and was the latest unsuspecting victim of the woman known as Julia Holmes.

“I will not bury her. I will not attend her funeral and I’d be very surprised to see anyone who does. The very thought of being asked to look after it makes me feel physically sick,” her son, Paul, her only biological child, told the Irish Mirror.

“After her years of being surrounded by people she convinced, fooled, conned and cheated, she is now finally alone… It ended for me when I was told she was dead and I felt cheated she had not faced justice over anything she’d done.”

Her stepdaughter from her previous illegal marriage, to a man in Texas, also condemned Holmes — who presented herself to the family as a clinical psychologist named “Dr. Julia Watson” — as a “violent, manipulative liar.”

Kimberley Parrish-Saunders said that her dad, Clyde, only got a hint that Julia was not what she seemed when she declared herself pregnant, not knowing that Clyde had a vasectomy four years before meeting Julia.

“My lovely mom and dad were going through a hard time and were in the middle of a divorce when she came on the scene. We didn’t know she’d been married and not divorced and she got her claws into my dad really hard,” said Parrish-Saunders.

“My sister and I were only little when she arrived in our home and she made our lives a misery… She hit us regularly and I remember how she seemed to enjoy it at the time. She had lots of things she would hit us with, even fly swatters she called ‘Mr. Happy.’ “

Police in Ireland say they have now positively identified the body of Julia Holmes, finally ruling out their initial suspicions that Holmes may have faked her own death by exhuming a corpse from a cemetery and leaving it with her husband’s body in her place.

[Image via Irish Mirror]