Rumer Willis Wins 'Dancing With the Stars': What's Next For The Big Winner?

Rumer Willis won Season 20 of Dancing With the Stars. Not only did she get to take home the first golden mirror ball trophy, but she also gained some confidence and became a star in her own right. So, what's next for Rumer Willis?

Sit tight and read about Willis' big win first. On Tuesday's finale of the hit ABC show, Willis and partner Val Chmerkovskiy got first place. Disney star Riker Lynch finished second, as war veteran Noah Galloway finished in at third.

The winner told reports that she didn't believe it at first when her name was announced as the winner of Season 20 of Dancing With the Stars.

"I had this moment where I was like, wait, does that mean we were eliminated or we're not? Oh, wait, okay, we won! Oh my gosh! This is awesome!"
Chmerkovskiy couldn't believe it as well. He dreamed of this moment forever, as he was always in his brother's, Makism Chmerkovskiy's, shadow.
"I was like, please, please, let me hear it how I heard it in my sleep. It finally happened."
So, now what's next for Rumer? Earlier this season, she told FOX411 that she plans to relax after working so hard on her dance moves since day one.
"Take a vacation. I have no idea [where]. Somewhere super sneaky where I cannot talk to anybody [but can] read a book and lay on a beach and not have any plans."
Is a music career in Rumer Willis' future? On Monday night, she danced to a cover of Britney Spears's song "Toxic." Willis dropped her cover on iTunes and Google Play after her scintillating performance on Monday night. She also hinted that she would star in a Broadway show "in a heartbeat."

It's obvious that performing on DWTS helped build Rumer's self-esteem and inner confidence. She's been open about helping younger girls with their own self-esteem issues.

"I think that's the best job I could have right now. Other than Val and myself, I think that's who this Mirrorball is for. I hope that it stands for all of that and everyone that thought they couldn't do something or didn't deserve something, [they're] capable."
The starlet also said that she feels like "a completely different person" since winning DWTS.
"I feel like being able to stand proudly and show who you are and put your whole self on the dance floor and... have such a positive response, to see how many people who were so excited for us that we won speaks volumes."
Chmerkovskiy noted that he's seen great change in Willis.
"I don't think anybody looked at Rumer and thought this a future mirrorball champion until she came out here and proved everybody wrong... And I feel like everybody has that power in them - just find the courage to go out there and do it."
It also helps that she's had a very supportive family. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have been spotted cheering her on through each of her performances. Bruce even showed emotion when his daughter was announced as the winner. Backstage, Bruce was seen taking photos with wife Emma Heming, Demi, Rumer, and Tallulah Willis. They even hugged her and told her how much they love her.
"We've always been really close. That's one of the beautiful things. They're incredibly supportive and so wonderful, and they are willing to come and support me and cheer me on in whatever crazy endeavors I decide to do!

But I get to see that all the time because I have an incredibly supportive family. It might be new for other people to see, but to be honest the person I'm most excited about celebrating with is Val, because he is the person that I did this with. I love my family and I love their support, but I'm proud and I want to celebrate with him."

Did you watch the live finale of Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night? Are you glad that she was announced as the winner? What would you like to see Rumer Willis do after her big DWTS win? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Jason Kempin / Getty Images for Race To Erase MS]