Special Needs Student, 14, Who Was Raped And Sodomized After Teachers Used Her As Bait To Catch A Sexual Predator, Finally Has Day In Court

A special needs student, 14, who attended Sparkman Middle School in Toney, Alabama, was raped and sodomized by another student, and claims teachers used her as bait to catch a sexual predator. She finally has her day in court five years later, reports the Daily Mail.

On January 22, 2010, the special needs student – whose real name is being withheld, and asks the public to call her Jaden – says that as she was walking in the hallway of her school, a fellow student, 16, propositioned her for sex, and told her to meet him in the bathroom.

In lieu of meeting him in the bathroom, she informed a teacher’s aide, June Ann Simpson, and also told her that he had asked for sex before. However, Simpson wasn’t at all shocked by the news, as she has had several complaints from other students, as well.

Therefore, Simpson went straight to the principal, Blair, with the information, and he told her that they would need proof in order for the court to find him guilty, according to CNN.

The two conjured up a plan that would use the special needs student as bait to catch the predator in the act. She would take him up on his offer and meet him in the bathroom, but before anything transpired, teachers would intervene.

The principal wanted to catch the act on surveillance footage before taking action.

Simpson and Blair apparently went to the vice principals’ office, Jeanne Dunaway, afterwards with the plan but according to documents, she denied the conversation ever took place.

Jaden says that after the administrators discussed the plan, she met up with the boy in the bathroom. However, at the last minute, he decided to go to a different bathroom. With hopes that the administrators saw on camera that they were walking to a different bathroom, she tried to stall so that the teachers could rush in, but they never did.

Jaden was raped and sodomized by the sexual predator.

Simpson and Blair stated that they never saw them on camera at all. Blair even stated that “girl was responsible for herself when she went into the bathroom.”

The school administrators are now accused of failing to “‘adequately supervise” the boy after knowing his “history of sexual and violent misconduct.”

“We look forward to discussing this case with the judges who will be deciding it and ultimately letting a jury decide this matter,” said Jaden’s attorney, Eric Artrip.

“It has essentially devastated her life.”

“I just felt like I was set up by the teachers. They gave me a word that they couldn’t keep,” the girl said.

In a statement, Jaden’s attorney wrote as follows.

“If Title IX imposes any responsibility on school officials to prevent sexual harassment, it surely requires a response when they learn, as here, that a 14-year-old special needs student is about to be used as bait to catch a 16-year-old student with an extensive history of sexual and violent misconduct.”

After five years, Jaden will finally have her day in court. The court is currently deciding if they should take the rape bait case to trial.

“That’s what this young lady has always wanted,” Jaden’s attorney said. “A day in front of a jury.”

[Image courtesy of Aly Bello / Getty Images]