Kris Jenner Gets Plastic Surgery To Cope With Bruce Jenner’s Transition

If you think Kris Jenner has been completely honest about her reaction to ex-husband Bruce Jenner’s transition from male to female, think again. People Magazine, reports that Kris Jenner was in complete denial about Bruce Jenner’s transition until recently. Some have also questioned how much Kris Jenner knew about Bruce Jenner’s intention to transition. According to sources close to Jenner, Kris would “laughed off questions about Bruce’s more feminine appearance,” including occasions where Bruce was seen sporting pink nail polish.

The Kardashian clan is known for careful control over their depiction on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so it should come as no surprise that between the public perception of the family and her own emotions, acceptance may have proved difficult for Kris Jenner.

Friends say that Kris is now struggling with how appropriate her public and private reactions to Bruce’s gender transition are.

There was a certain sense of, ‘What right does she have to be upset [about Bruce’s transition]? It was awkward for her.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kris has also struggled with how her 22 year marriage to Bruce Jenner ended. In the recent Keeping Up with the Kardashians special, “About Bruce”, the couple finally confronted one another. Kris accused Bruce of taking his anger and displeasure our on her. Bruce counted that Kris treated him badly during the last five years of their marriage.

“All I have really is my memories. I look at pictures of you and the kids and I’m really sad because I feel like you died. You know, Bruce died. And it’s really hard for me to wrap my head around.”

There’s also the question of how honest Bruce was during his marriage to Kris Jenner. During “About Bruce,” Bruce Jenner denied hormone treatments during their marriage, but admitted that he had used hormones in the 80’s before the two met.

“I just miss Bruce. It’s gonna take a minute for me to mourn that relationship. I’m trying so hard to process that pain….Bruce died.”

So how is Kris Jenner coping with the “death” of Bruce Jenner now that everything is out in the open? According to RadarOnline, the matriarch of the notoriously plastic surgery friendly Kardashian and Jenner broods may have gotten plastic surgery herself. It seems that plastic surgeons who have evaluated photographs of Kris Jenner in recent weeks believe the 59-year-old divorcee may have received butt implants. Of course Kris Jenner may have stumbled on especially effective shape wear. The world may never know.

[Photo by Robin Marchant /Getty Images]