Boy Eaten Alive By Crocodile, Capture Order For All Crocs After Wave Of Deadly Attacks

A boy was eaten alive by a crocodile as his dad watched in horror. Manuel Abraham, 7, was dragged under the water before the crocodile killed him in Barra Santa Ana estuary in Mexico. The boy eaten alive was reportedly playing with a balloon along the toy landed along the river bank and the child went to retrieve it.

The crocodile quickly leapt from the water and at grabbed Manual Abraham. According to witnesses, the crocodile locked its strong jaws around the 7-year-old boy’s head and then dragged him into the water and his father and others ran to attempt to help the boy.

Despite the immediate rescue efforts, the crocodile moved swiftly into the water and disappeared from view with the boy’s head still locked in its jaws. Barra Santa Ana officials have deployed local military teams, civil protection groups, and fisherman, in an effort to retrieve the remains of the 7-year-old boy, but their actions have proved unsuccessful.

The crocodile which killed and ate the small child is the fourth deadly attack in the Barra Santa Ana region of Mexico in the past two years. The Mexican Environment Ministry has now ordered the capture of all crocodiles.

Manual Abraham’s father said that no one had informed him that crocodiles lived in the Lazaro Cardenas area of Mexico – no warning signs were reportedly posted to alert visitors of the potentially deadly predators. Lazaro Cardenas is located in the western Mexican state of Michoacan.

Civil Protection Unit Head Hebert Camacho said the Environment Ministry has mandated that he “inside” of all crocodiles captured must be washed in an attempt to recover any of the boy’s remains.

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