Teacher Bites Hamster To Death And Swallows It In Front Of Terrified Pupils: ‘I Wanted To Teach Them The Value Of Life’

A deluded teacher who thought the best way to teach his pupils the value of life was to viciously bite a hamster to death before swallowing it has been arrested by police for child abuse.

The teacher, known only as Yu, was giving a lesson at a boarding school in South Korea when for some strange reason the rodent-eating lecturer decided that the most appropriate way to teach the pupils all about the sanctity of life was to attack and kill an innocent rodent and then consume it. Job done!

As life lessons go, it’s a pretty raw one, and you can just imagine the dumbstruck expressions on the poor pupils’ horrified faces as sir plucks a plump, small furry animal from its cage, savagely tears it in two with his teeth, and then contentedly chews on the poor critters’ tiny bones and uncooked flesh.

Imagine if you will the sheer unbridled horror of such a surreal situation. Watching the friendly teacher dance at the school disco to prove how down with the kids they were was embarrassing enough, but just contemplate having to sit through a lesson where the teacher decides that for the good of the class it’s best if he eats a live hamster. Weird doesn’t even cover it, but fasten your seat belts, it gets weirder, a lot weirder.

According to the Korea Times the 44-year-old teacher who takes classes at a boarding facility in Jeongeup, North Jeolla Province, found out that some children at the school had been teasing hamsters, so in an extremely warped way, Yu took it upon himself to attack and eat one – a hamster that is.

Yu declared open season on hamsters, not as one would imagine, to show the children exactly how a raging psychopath takes care of business, but to teach the little ones just “how dear life is.”

“I couldn’t control the situation and couldn’t stand it. While watching the hamsters die from teasing, I thought I should teach the children it was wrong to make light of life.”

After making a meal of killing and eating the hamster and using abusive language in front of the petrified kids, Yu fled the faculty after other teachers protested that one of their own had gone rogue.

Concerned parents of the children contacted the police with allegations of child abuse and Yu was later arrested.

When questioned by Yonhap News Agency as to why he ate the hamster, Yu initially told them he had a phobia of rats after being bitten while at elementary school before elaborating on how he also wanted to teach the children how precious life was.

In hindsight, if Yu taught the kids one thing that day, he may have taught them how to recognize a psychopath just before they go off the boil.

[Photo By Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

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