Norman Reedus’ Son Mingus Turned Down ‘Spider-Man’ Audition

Don’t expect to see Norman Reedus’ son in an episode of The Walking Dead anytime soon — Mingus Reedus might look like a star, but he’s not the biggest fan of how his father makes a living.

During an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Norman Reedus revealed that his son was once presented with an opportunity that many aspiring young actors can only dream of. According to Norman, Mingus could have been the next Spider-Man.

“We got this call because they are going to make a new Spider-Man, and he’s like 14 or 15. They asked, ‘Would Mingus want to audition for Spider-Man?’ He’s had a couple of these calls, and he always said no to all of them.”

In other words, Norman is so beloved that his 15-year-old son with no acting experience gets offers to star in huge Hollywood movies. Mingus Reedus sort of dissed his dad’s job when Norman finally asked him why he was turning down all those incredible offers.

“I asked him, ‘Do you want to audition?’ He asked, ‘What part?’ I said, ‘I think you’d be Spider-Man.’ He said, ‘No, I don’t want to ruin my life.’ I went, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘I don’t want to be famous.'”

In case you’re curious, the Inquisitr previously reported that the next Spider-Man will likely be 18-year-old Ender’s Game star Asa Butterfield.

Mingus’ decision to avoid acting and fame might prove to be a smart move. During his interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Norman Reedus complained that he’s so famous that he can’t even eat lunch on a plane in peace — once The Walking Dead star had to wolf down a sandwich in the plane’s bathroom because all the passengers kept gawking at him.

Norman Reedus might not like radioactive spiders, but maybe he’d be a Catwoman fan. According to Moviepilot, he’s responsible for Norman adopting his famous black cat, Eye in the Dark. Mingus also came up with the feline’s very cool name when he was just five years old. Norman procured the pretty pussycat from a man on the street who said that the cat would never love anyone, but now the kitty is a very content member of Norman’s family.

Like Eye in the Dark, Mingus Reedus also has an unusual moniker. According to Yahoo! TV, he’s named after jazz legend Charles Mingus. His mother is supermodel Helena Christensen, and Mingus definitely resembles his momma.

Do you think Norman Reedus’ son will change his mind about acting someday?

[Image credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty]