'Bachelorette' Contestant Josh Seiter Slams Chris Harrison On Twitter, Calls Host 'Shameful' And 'A Diva On The Set'

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe sent contestant Josh Seiter home during the first rose ceremony of the season Tuesday night. After his departure, the handsome law school graduate and male stripper (yes) received an outpouring of support from fans on Twitter, but not just because viewers would miss seeing his killer abs in the Bachelor mansion.

Instead, Seiter received kudos for calling out host Chris Harrison for his "lamentable antics" on the show. Josh broke the unspoken Bachelor Nation code by going up against the long-time leader of ABC's popular reality show, all while being under contract with ABC.

To most viewers, Chris Harrison appears to be a nice guy who clinks a glass at the rose ceremony, and softly tells the rose-rejects to "say their goodbyes" to their newfound friends. On just about every season, he offers a shoulder to cry on when the Bachelor or Bachelorette can't decide which contestant to propose to. Realistically, anyone would need a shoulder if they were told to propose to someone they went on one or two made-for-TV dates with.

On Tuesday night, Josh Seiter's tweets hinted at a much different Chris Harrison than the guy fans have come to know and love. Seiter called the rose master a "diva on the set" who treats the Bachelorette production like his "personal servants." And he didn't stop there.

Josh then referenced Harrison's recent appearance on Good Morning America(video below), when the reality show host agreed with author and prolific Bachelorette tweeter Jennifer Weiner that Kaitlyn and Britt were like "fast food restaurants on the Jersey Turnpike."When Weiner compared the girls to Burger King and McDonald's, Harrison upgraded them to "at least an Olive Garden." Whether Harrison's comments were shameful or just lame humor, Seiter didn't find anything funny about the Weiner-Harrison exchange.Chris Harrison didn't reply to Josh Seiter's tweets, but he did his best to make a dig about the smart and engaging lawyer-stripper.Although he didn't make it past the first rose ceremony on the Bachelorette, Josh Seiter gained respect from his Twitter followers for speaking his mind, when most contestants would cower behind their long-winded contract.

[Image: Josh Seiter/Instagram]