Did Natalee Holloway Witness Make Up His Whole Story?

Natalee Holloway still hasn’t been found, and now, officials in Aruba claim that the latest lead in her case is a lie. The New York Daily News reports that the office of the Chief Prosecutor in the tourist town has released a statement, and it directly contrasts with what the so-called tipster told the media. So, was he just looking for attention, or did he witness the murder of another young woman?

After investigating claims made by Jurrien De Jong, officials in Aruba found that none of what he said added up. The man had claimed that Joran Van der Sloot chased the missing Alabama teen into a construction area before slamming her down on the ground and killing her. However, the investigation found that there was no such construction site at the time of Natalee’s disappearance. In fact, authorities learned that on the night of Natalee’s disappearance, the foundation at the motel nearby hadn’t even been poured — so, there couldn’t possibly had been any construction area nearby the night she vanished.

People Magazine reports that Jurrien De Jong had shared his claims with prosecutors in Aruba once before in 2013. He reportedly identified that construction site as the now-standing Spyglass Tower (Marriott Surf Club Resort). He repeated the same details to Inside Edition that he had told authorities previously, so it was likely already investigated by the time the mainstream media got a hold of the info.

So all this new information means that Natalee Holloway’s case is right back to where it was in the first place. It’s a cold case. She remains missing after many years of no answers, and only one suspect, who has never been brought to justice regarding her case. Joran Van der Sloot is in prison, convicted of killing another young woman. Natalee’s loved ones have been faced with, yet again, another setback in the search for her.

It has been a decade since Natalee Holloway was last seen while on a vacation with classmates in Aruba. Her high-profile disappearance has remained in the spotlight as an international mystery, comparable to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the murder of Meredith Kercher. Will her loved ones ever have answers to the numerous questions that surround her case? With her disappearance being a decade old, and the only suspect behind bars for another crime, it’s hard to determine with any certainty how this case will pan out in the future. Do you think Natalee Holloway will ever be found?

[Photo: Natalee and Beth Holloway/Hollway Family Photo]