June 29, 2017
California Representative Adam Schiff Not To Run For Open Senate Seat

California Representative Adam Schiff said in an interview that he would not be seeking to run for the vacant Senate seat held by Barbara Boxer. Schiff said in an interview about whether he would run for the Senate seat,

"I have decided not to run next year... I feel I'm in a position to have a big impact on national security policy as the ranking member on the Intelligence Committee. And I'd like to continue doing that."
Adam Schiff's foreign policy experience would have given him an edge in the race for the Senate seat. Though Schiff was fully aware of that he would done well in an election, he still said that he would not run for Senate. Representative Schiff said about his chances had he run.
"Having a background in national security would have been a distinguishing feature in the Senate race and something that would have been valuable that I could offer to people in California."
Adam Schiff said that he will instead focus on his current role as the Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. Schiff said about not running for the position.
"I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and feel I can continue to make a significant contribution to the nation's security in that position... I want to thank me friends and supporters for all of their encouragement and advice, and my family for their support, and I look forward to other challenges in the future."
Adam Schiff said about his position as the Ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee,
"Having only recently achieved this position, I was very reluctant to leave it... I'll have a good opportunity to continue to work on the issues that I care most about."
Adam Schiff says that he wants to continue in his role in Congress. Schiff also said about rejecting the chance to run for the Senate seat,
"This was actually quite an attractive opportunity. Had this been a few years down the road when I had more time already in this position, it would have been a different calculus possibly."
Other candidates considering entering into the race for Boxer's Senate seat are California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Democratic Representatives Loretta Sanchez, Raul Ruiz and Jackie Speier, as well as Xavier Becerra. The race for the Senate seat would occur during the 2016 election cycle.

[Photo credit: Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment]