Alexa gets a big overhaul, offers new stats

Amazon owned Internet statistics tool Alexa has undergone its biggest overhaul in years, with a new look and a range of new stats.

The biggest change is the abandonment of the Alexa search engine. Instead, the new Alexa focuses now on primarily providing sites talking about that topic, not dissimilar to Technorati.

Visually, the change is immediately obvious. This is Alexa going back to its roots as a statistics service. The key stats are now clearly up top, and graphs have been expanded to include Pageviews per User, Bounce Rate, and Time on Site.. The only possible draw back is that Alexa no longer provides stats ranking by country. The ability to adjust the graph view has also been removed.

Overall I’m not 100% sure yet. The new graph options are welcomed, but the reduction of other services isn’t great; if there was one thing Alexa was always good for, it was always good for immediately working out which countries a site is popular in; percentages mean nothing compared to a number stats ranking.

More details on the Alexa blog here.

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