Jane Fonda Talks About Her Amazing Body At 77, ‘Grace And Frankie’ Star Claims She Has ‘Always Had A Good Bum’

Jane Fonda might be 77-years-old, but that doesn’t stop her from becoming a fashion icon. Fonda, who has received plenty of attention as an actress over the years, is on the cover of W Magazine’s June/July 2015 issue.

“Truthfully, my relationship to fashion has always been strained,” she explained to W in the interview. “When I was starting out as an actress in New York, I worked as a model because I needed to pay for acting classes. But I didn’t have what it took to be a model. I hated all the emphasis on how I looked, and I never paid much attention to clothes.”

However, things changed for Fonda during the 2000 Academy Awards when she started to become a leader for women in the fashion world.

“When I stepped out to present the award in my strapless satin dress and new haircut, there was an audible gasp. I thought: ‘Oh. Oh, this is new.’ I was so melancholy over Ted [Turner, Fonda’s ex-husband], and I realized in that moment that clothes mattered. They could change your mood in an instant. And I thought. I could do this.”

Jane Fonda, who is now enjoying success on TV, on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, also talked about getting older and how much time means to her now. “I think it’s a hoot that, at my age, people are calling me a fashion icon,” she said. “I realized I didn’t have a lot of time left, and I wanted to pay more attention. I had a vision: I wanted to give a cultural face to older women.”

In addition to her comments on fashion, Fonda discussed having plastic surgery and how her life has been heavily influenced by the way she looks.

“I did have plastic surgery. I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve had it. But I grew up so defined by my looks. I was taught to think that if I wanted to be loved, I had to be thin and pretty. That leads to a lot of trouble.”

She went on to add, “I’m older now, and I have to be more self-conscious. When you’re young, you can get away with more. I always thought that being self-conscious was a negative. But now I feel differently.”

Read the entire interview with Jane Fonda when W Magazine hits stores on June 2.

[Image via Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com]