Leroy Junior Moore: Man Using Free Wi-Fi In Store Parking Lot For Illegal Reason Learns His Harsh Fate

Leroy Junior Moore was sitting in his car in a parking lot at Lowe's hardware store in York County, South Carolina, back in December when an off-duty police officer spotted him and began to wonder what he was doing there for such an extended period of time.

Turned out, when another officer alerted to Moore's presence checked him out, Moore was parked close enough to the store to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi internet access offered by the Lowe's outlet. But there was no law against that.

The law that Moore was breaking was the law against downloading and viewing child pornography.

The officer who busted Moore was wearing a body camera, which reportedly captured the images on the computer screen that sat on Moore's lap — and the other one on his car seat.

"He said that he was taking advantage of the free wi-fi, because he didn't have it at his house and that's why he was downloading the videos," Lt. Rich Caddell of the York Police Department said.

"He was parked as close as he could be to the building so he could get the best reception. He didn't have tinted windows. He didn't have anything up to obstruct people's view. He was just sitting in a parking place with one computer in his lap and another next to him," Caddell said.

When the officer asked Moore what he was looking at on his computer screen, the man reportedly replied, "It's supposed to be legal-aged boys."

But the boys in the images, who were depicted engaged in explicit sexual acts, were not of legal age. And other than his brief statement of denial, Moore was making no obvious attempt to conceal what he was doing — viewing child porn videos on one computer while continuing to download more kiddie porn onto his second computer.

Police say they discovered about 400 videos depicting minors engaged in explicit sexual activity, along with 1,475 still images of kiddie porn, on Moore's computers.

Child pornography often attracts unexpected enthusiasts. Last year a 43-year-old, wealthy Dallas, Texas, housewife and socialite was sentenced to 14 years in prison for downloading and viewing child porn when her husband, a successful Dallas attorney, was away at work during the day.

Last week, Moore pleaded guilty to a single count of sexual exploitation of a minor. He was hit with a six-year prison sentence, and will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He also must give up the computers on which police found the images of child pornography.

[Image: WBTV]