‘Serial’ Case’s Adnan Syed Gets Huge Break, Alibi Witness Called Into New Trial

Convicted killer Adnan Syed might have gotten a huge break in his case. Syed, who was the main subject in the popular podcast Serial, is currently serving a life sentence for murdering his high school ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, back in 1999. Syed was convicted back in 2000, and has been serving out his sentence since.

The world became fascinated by Syed’s story when the Serial podcast made its debut. Serial was a weekly podcast filled with countless hours of testimonials and interviews. Not only did it become a phenomenon, but it also questioned the verdict in Adnan Syed’s case. A lot of people debated over whether or not Serial pointed to Syed’s innocence.

According to CNN, there’s a new break in the case. The Maryland Court of Special Appeals has decided to send Syed’s case back to court so he can file for his case to be reopened. If he’s granted his request, that means Syed could get out of prison.

The new court documents state, “The purpose of the stay and the remand is to provide Syed with the opportunity to file with the Circuit Court a request … to re-open the previously concluded post-conviction proceeding in light of Ms. McClain’s January 13, 2015, affidavit, which has not heretofore been reviewed or considered by the circuit court.”

As stated, Syed’s team of lawyers are hoping the Baltimore City Circuit Court considers a new witness. This witness in question, Asia McClain, was featured in the Serial podcast. McClain’s part of the story could be a major development in the case. If the judge decides to hear this alibi, then Syed could have a retrial.

McClain’s account placed Syed at Woodlawn High School around the time that he was accused of murdering Hae Min Lee. McClain also said that she was “discouraged” from attending the post-conviction hearings, as well.

Syed’s first trial lawyer, Christina Gutierrez, failed to interview Asia McClain. According to his lawyers now, Gutierrez “rendered ineffective assistance.”

Adnan’s attorney, Rabia Chaundry, telephoned 11 News and said, “We get to go back into post-conviction, like we did three years ago, basically bring in Asia, and the court can then decide if the attorney messed up by not bringing in the alibi witness.”

In an interview with Baltimore’s WBAL, Yusuf, Adnan’s brother, said that he was “excited and happy,” and that “this all comes from God.”

Adnan Syed has consistently maintained his innocence throughout his time in prison.

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