Kendall Jenner Caught Texting And Driving Three Months After Bruce Jenner’s Deadly Crash

Kendall Jenner, 19, is a successful model and reality television star, but that’s no excuse for breaking the law.

The Daily Mail reports that Kendall Jenner was photographed apparently texting while behind the wheel of her car in Beverly Hills on Monday, May 18. It isn’t clear from the photographs whether or not the car was in motion, but texting while driving carries heavy fines in California. California law allows for hands free communication, but in the photographs, Kendall Jenner’s hands are clearly on her cell phone. First time offenders receive $200 fines for the offense, but Kendall Jenner may not be a first time offender.

Hollywood Life reports that Kendall Jenner has been accused of texting while driving at least twice before. In August 2012 a driver accused Kendall Jenner of nearly running her off the road because the teenager was texting while driving. According to the driver, Kendall was driving so erratically that she initially believed Jenner was intoxicated.

RadarOnline reports that then-17-year-old Kendall Jenner was photographed texting while driving on Malibu Canyon Road in March 2013. Eyewitness reports claim that Jenner was texting and chatting with a passenger. That would certainly make Kendall Jenner a repeat offender.

Kendall has even been known to take photographs for her Instagram account while driving.

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Kendall Jenner’s disregard for California safety laws is particularly chilling in the wake of her father’s recent accident. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in February 2015, Bruce Jenner was involved in a horrific car accident which killed his 69-year-old neighbor Kim Howe. The accident occurred on a narrow, twisting highway. For reasons that are not clear, Jenner’s black Cadillac SUV struck Howe’s car from behind and pushed her into traffic coming from the opposite direct. Howe’s car was then struck head on by another vehicle.

Despite initial reports that Bruce Jenner was texting when the accident occurred, police found no evidence that Jenner was texting, intoxicated, or speeding during the accident. After the accident, Jenner released a statement through his publicist.

“My heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones, and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident. It is a devastating tragedy, and I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them. I will continue to cooperate in every way possible.”

While Bruce Jenner managed to avoid vehicular manslaughter charges, CNN reports that Howe’s adult step-children filed a wrong death lawsuit against Jenner. The lawsuit requests court costs and unspecified damages.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]