Bristol’s Wedding Drama Turns Into Hillary Clinton Vs. Sarah Palin Hate Fest

Bristol’s wedding plans are cancelled, but the fight between liberals and conservatives has only just begun. The explanation left by Sarah Palin triggered a hate fest that continues to wind its way around the internet, and in response, some conservative Republicans have begun attacking Hillary Clinton for her 2016 presidential campaign. Regardless of the fact that the two are completely unrelated, why so much hate over a marriage?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the official marriage license documents show that Bristol Palin’s fiance married Cassandra Wain when the Medal of Honor recipient was just 19-years-old. Meyer’s lawyer confirmed the divorce, saying it took place in March of 2010, but a friend of Wain claimed Meyer was lying in some manner about his past.

Shortly after Bristol’s wedding was called off, Sarah Palin’s daughter said the stories about “secret wives” were false and called out the media, saying that “false stories and dramatically written headlines begging controversy should be disregarded.” But when Sarah spoke on Saturday, she said Bristol was “alluding to some of the challenges” in their marriage plans based upon Instagram postings recently made. Sarah also said that in order for Bristol’s wedding to actually happen, then “questions have to be answered, issues have to be worked out.”

The first salvo over Bristol’s wedding was fired by those who claimed that the “liberal media” was making up the story with tabloid-style reports in order to smear Republicans. In response, many liberals have started leaving nasty comments, claiming that the Palin family has been lying in order to protect Bristol.

Others point out how the politics are the only reason for the outcry over Bristol Palin’s wedding. For example, on Sarah Palin’s Facebook, a comment by a follower named Andrea Baker calls out all the “haters” while also attacking Hillary Clinton.

“Sad how all the haters salivate over this kind of stuff. They come on here and make trashy remarks. Why? I guess they have nothing else going on in their pathetic lives. Making nasty remarks somehow must make them feel better about themselves. I have never been sure how that works. But I will say this, Sarah Palin had a stellar record in her service to her state. She would have been a breath of fresh air in DC. I hope she gets in this race. To continue down the path that we are currently on is disaster for this country. There is no one on either side of the aisle with the background this woman has. Hillary is beyond pathetic. Warren even worse. And what do the republicans have to offer? Very little but just a slower version of the downward spiral.”

Bristol’s wedding drama may have turned into yet another skirmish between political opponents, but we’re just hoping that Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer manage to work out their issues and reschedule their marriage for a better day.

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