Mariah Carey Interested In Starring On ‘The Bachelorette’: Sorry, Nick Cannon

Why would Mariah Carey get back together with Nick Cannon when she could have 25 guys competing for her affection?

According to Yahoo! Celebrity, Jimmy Kimmel recently managed to convince Mariah Carey that she should star on ABC’s The Bachelorette. Jimmy’s talk show is on the same network, so he was obviously trying to do ABC a big favor by trying to score a big star for the next season of the dating competition series. However, Mariah has never even seen the show, and the “Infinity” singer confused it with The Bachelor.

“I think that would be fun,” Mariah told Jimmy. “But then I would have to live in a house with a bunch of other girls.”

Dating show expert Jimmy Kimmel informed Mariah Carey how The Bachelorette really works by telling her that it would just be her and the guys. However, what he failed to tell the singer is that this season of the show features two bachelorettes, Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe, competing to be the girl that 25 guys are willing to fight over. Mariah might not be down for that, but she’d probably love the guys who showed up to The Bachelorette in a giant cupcake and a hot tub car — it’s easy to imagine both of these odd automobiles popping up in one of the pop star’s music videos.

Mariah Carey jokingly told Jimmy that her rumored lover, Rush Hour director Brett Ratner, could appear on The Bachelorette with her. However, another important man in her life might be more willing to compete on the show — imagine how many viewers would tune in if her ex-husband Nick Cannon was one of the bachelors vying for her love. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he has hinted that he’s interested in reconciling with his ex.

During a recent interview with a few members of the E! News crew and Bravo host Andy Cohen, Nick Cannon explained why he decided to share a sweet Mother’s Day message about Mariah with his Instagram followers.

“It was the truth,” the America’s Got Talent host said. “She’s an amazing mother and amazing person. We all know that — the world knows that Mariah’s amazing.”

However, Jennifer Lopez might not agree with Cannon’s comment about Carey — according to TMZ, J-Lo majorly dissed Carey at the Billboard Music Awards. Lopez was captured on camera casually scrolling through her phone during Carey’s performance of her new single “Infinity.” The American Idol judge barely even glanced at the stage.

If Jennifer Lopez’ diss escalates her alleged longstanding diva feud with Mariah Carey, there’s only one way to quash this beef: let the ladies compete against each other on the next season of The Bachelorette.

[Image credit: Ethan Miller/Getty]