Mariah Carey Publicity Stunt Accusations Mount After Brett Ratner Romance Rumors

Mariah Carey‘s alleged “romance” with Brett Ratner may be just about as convincing as her alleged feud with Eminem at the time her album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel was flopping. The publicity stunt did little to revive sales and it’s unlikely her “romance” with Brett Ratner will help her Las Vegas ticket sales.

Suddenly, there have been what seems like PR-generated reports spreading all over the Internet about Mariah having a new love in her life. Yahoo News reports on the latest episode of this bizarre alleged publicity stunt.

“Has Mariah Carey found herself a rebound romance with Brett Ratner?…Days after the Grammy-winning singer denied she was dating the Rush Hour director, the longtime pals were spotted strolling arm in arm — along with another female friend — in the Caribbean. Carey, who turned 45 on Friday, and Ratner, who turned 46 Saturday, threw a joint birthday celebration over the weekend in St. Barts. The lavish soiree took place on a yacht Sunday night.”

The best part of a publicity stunt usually occurs when a rep “denies” the rumors. The Toronto Sun reports that Brett Ratner denies the romance.

“Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner has denied recent romance rumours with newly single Mariah Carey, insisting they’re working together for a movie based on one of her hit songs…However, Ratner and Carey called in to St. Maarten radio station Laser 101 to clarify that they’re just friends, and revealed the getaway was partly held to plan two upcoming projects.”

Anybody who knows anything about Mariah Carey’s career knows that everything is planned. Remember when Mariah’s E=MC2 album took a nosedive on the music charts in 2008? Suddenly, there was a wedding with Nick Cannon on the cover of every magazine. That publicity stunt didn’t seem to help as Mariah Carey released the song “Bye Bye,” which featured her supposed new “love” Nick Cannon in the video — the song barely made the top 20.

People on several different message boards and Twitter are calling Mariah’s latest “love fest” a publicity stunt as well.

Mariah Carey kicks off her Las Vegas residency on May 6. One wonders what publicity stunts the former chart queen will pull up by then. Will there be a report that Mariah Carey is dating Justin Beiber? If ticket sales don’t increase for Las Vegas, will we read headlines on how Mariah has suddenly become really sick and can’t perform, even though she really wanted to? When it comes to Mariah Carey these days, anything is a possibility.

[Image Source: Yahoo Celebrity News]

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