Kendall Jenner And Giuliana Rancic’s Awkward Moment: Kendall Ignores Giuliana’s Kiss At The Billboard Music Awards

Kendall Jenner and Giuliana Rancic had an awkward moment at the Billboard Music Awards. On Sunday, Giuliani Rancic interviewed Kendall Jenner to talk about the Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce special episode, but to also talk about fashion and music.

Rancic leaned in for a kiss when the conversation ended. Unfortunately, for her, the Jenner sister rejected her. Talk about an awkward moment for Rancic and Jenner.

The TV personality wrapped up their red carpet interview by sending Kendall and the crew off to the next spot. Giuliana also bid Kendall goodbye by kissing the model on the cheek. Kendall pecked one side of the E! News host’s cheek and then walked off. Giuliana tried her best to play off the awkward moment, even though her European air kiss was snubbed.

The European air kiss usually involves two air kisses near the cheek. Last night’s awkward moment immediately went viral on social media. It’s obvious that the Jenner teen didn’t intend to be rude to Rancic. Maybe Jenner didn’t understand how an European air kiss worked.

Even Kendall Jenner’s fans took to her Facebook page to defend the reality star, as previously reported by Reality TV magazine. Some of Kendall’s fans said that the awkward moment was unintentional. It was obvious that she didn’t mean to snub Giuliana.

You can check out their awkward moment in the tweet below.

Although one of Giuliana Rancic’s cheeks was left untouched by Kendall Jenner, she did make up for it when she kissed all of the four remaining guys of One Direction. Rancic admitted that her job is “pretty awesome.” She also praised the boy band and called them “class acts,” according to the report.

There was another awkward earlier that night at the awards show. As previously reported via the Inquisitr, Chrissy Teigen said she got a spray tan prior to the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. She ended up getting some of it on her hands, as she showed during her own red carpet interview. Chrissy also revealed how husband John Legend got spray tan on his hands.

“I got a spray tan the other night, which is on my palms. It matches John’s hands, as well, because he was touching my breasts apparently in the middle of the night. That’s what happens when married couples sleep together.”

Talk about an awkward conversation for the host.

Those weren’t the only awkward moments that happened at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Kendall and Kylie Jenner had their own embarrassing moment, when they were booed at the awards show. Kendall and Kylie were immediately booed once they took the stage to introduce brother-in-law Kanye West. The rapper was also booed before and after his performance. Talk about a tough crowd.

What do you think of Kendall Jenner and Guiliana Rancic’s awkward moment on the red carpet? Do you think Kendall intentionally snubbed Guiliana’s air kiss?

[Images: Jason Merritt / Getty Images]