'The Bachelorette' 2015 Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals This Season's Final 2 Guys [Updated]

Reality Steve's spoilers on ABC's The Bachelorette 2015 season are finally out and breaking down the scoop on how things play out this season. Filming is over, and the new season premieres Monday night with two ladies ready to take charge. Which guys are left standing in the end, per Steve's Bachelorette spoilers?

There has been a lot of speculation about the twists and turns ahead with Kaitlyn Bristowe in Season 11. Reality Steve's spoilers have teased that something unusual goes down toward the end, but it took until now for him to break it down. He had said that there wouldn't be a traditional four hometown dates, three overnight dates, final two and one final guy. What did the show change up this season?

Sleuths at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forums think that the final six consist of Nick Viall, Jared Haibon, Joe Bailey, Shawn Booth, Ben Higgins and Dr. Chris Strandburg with Joe and Jared being gone after that. After that, things got hinky and hazy. There's been speculation for some time now that the show went with a different filming schedule than the traditional, and now Reality Steve's spoilers reveal what seemingly happened.

Early on, Reality Steve's spoilers teased that sleuths and fans weren't hitting the right notes in their guesses about what happened. Shortly before posting his Bachelorette spoilers, Steve clarified things a bit via Twitter. He said that it was not that the guesses regarding the final guys, believed to be Nick, Chris, Shawn and Ben, were wrong.

Rather, Steve went on to say, "I'm talking about how everything ends once the guys are whittled down, not the actual final rose ceremony." In his last Periscope broadcast, Steve added that parts of the traditional four hometowns, three overnights and two at the final rose ceremony were not true. Just what are the Bachelorette spoilers regarding the final episodes?

As many had started to suspect, the final six was pared down to a final three instead of a final four for hometowns. The final three for Season 11 are Ben Higgins, Shawn Booth and Nick Viall, according to Reality Steve's Bachelorette spoilers. The group then went on three overnight dates with Ben Higgins eliminated on those fantasy dates done in Ireland.

Reality Steve's spoilers then indicate that only two hometown dates took place with Nick Viall and Shawn Booth getting them. They weren't filmed in the guys' hometowns, though. Rather, the families flew out to Utah to film.

In an even bigger twist, it seems that the finale for Season 11 does not end with a final rose and an engagement. Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that both Nick and Shawn are rejected by Kaitlyn Bristowe in the end. This hasn't happened since Brad Womack's first season, and this one will definitely get fans buzzing.

Steve says there's no post-show dating going on, and there's certainly no engagement and no fairy tale ending. Many will surely doubt Reality Steve's spoilers in this case, but he says he's certain of the outcome. Did he nail the reveal regarding the final two guys and that final decision by Kaitlyn in this season?

ABC's The Bachelorette 2015 season premieres on Monday, May 18 with a second episode airing on Tuesday, May 19. Will anybody find love this season and will Reality Steve's spoilers pan out to be correct this time around?

Updated: Even though Reality Steve was absolutely confident of his Bachelorette spoilers for the season, a Snapchat post by Kaitlyn that was quickly deleted has shaken things up. According to Reality Steve's Bachelorette spoiler updates, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are engaged, together and very happy. While Steve stands by his spoilers regarding Nick, he now says that he was given incorrect information regarding Kaitlyn and Shawn.

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