Lost Song By AC/DC's Bon Scott Uncovered, May Be Recorded

A long lost and previously unreleased song credited to late AC/DC singer Bon Scott may finally see release, as a recently-reunited band has announced that they have been offered a chance to work on the newly uncovered track.

Singer Craig Csongrady of Australian band BB Steal revealed the existence of the song while speaking on the White Line Fever podcast. As Ultimate Classic Rock notes, there has been no official confirmation of the song's connection to Scott, though Csongrady asserts that the tune is genuine and that it made its way to him through an acquaintance.

"Bon Scott, he lived down the road from where I am now. He had a song he wrote about a woman he was living with back then. A guy in Sydney, he's got the song and it was never recorded. Bon wrote it. He asked me, actually, 'Would you like to try and record this?' I said 'Gee, it'd be a bloody honor,' you know? I'd love to do that. He used to play with [Bon]."
According to Classic Rock, the song exists now in written form, and while Csongrady has heard it performed, details of the track remain scarce. Csongrady pointed to Bon Scott's signature on the written music as evidence of its pedigree.

"I don't know the name of it," Csongrady added. "It's named after his girlfriend. I was at the Bridge Hotel in Sydney and he played it on piano to me and sang it rough and showed me the lyrics. It's got 'Bon Scott' as the signature on it. It's a really old piece of paper."

Earlier this year, another member of AC/DC, drummer Phil Rudd, made headlines when he pleaded guilty to several counts of drug possession and one charge that he threatened to kill a former employee. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the AC/DC drummer changed his plea, having originally claimed innocence after his arrest last year. Despite hiring a hitman, Rudd threatened his intended victim directly and also allegedly breached the terms of his bail during an angry confrontation with a potential witness in his trial.

As for Bon Scott's lost song, Csongrady says that it could potentially end up on BB Steal's follow-up to their current reunion album, Resurrection. It is unclear whether anyone else in the world of AC/DC is aware of the song's existence, and since it hasn't ever been recorded, a BB Steal cover may end up as the only extant version of Bon Scott's lost song.

[Photo by Paul Kane/ Getty Images]