Crayola Colored Pencils Being Used As Eyeliner, Lipstick, And Other Make-Up In Viral DIY YouTube Videos

Crayola makeup

Well, you learn something new everyday. Today, that lesson included the fact that there are YouTube videos going viral that teach others how to use Crayola’s colored pencils as make up. One really popular video is titled “DIY: Make Eyeliner Out of Colored Pencils!” on the YouTube Channel called Rclbeauty101. It’s a video that has garnered an amazing 1.46 million views in only two weeks, after being uploaded to the video-sharing site on May 3.

Despite the fact that the Daily Mail reports Crayola saying that their crayons and colored pencils haven’t been tested for use as make-up, the DIY videos continue to remain a popular mainstay on YouTube. In the above YouTube video user’s channel, she actually calls Crayola during the video to try and prove that their products are safe. However, she doesn’t tell the Crayola representative that she’s using their products as eyeliner and lipstick. Instead, she asks the customer service rep from Crayola if their products are safe on skin, to which the rep answers yes, reiterating that they are non-toxic.

The YouTube sensation next asks if a child were to get some of the Crayola products on their eyes, if that would be a problem. Once more, the Crayola rep says that it should be fine, and repeats that the Crayola pencils are non-toxic. If the Crayola phone rep had been told that the products were being used as eyeliner and lipstick products to be worn for many hours throughout many days, she may have answered those questions differently.

According to experts, the term non-toxic doesn’t mean that it’s not a harmful substance if misused in a way that the original product was not intended to be used. Nevertheless, the below YouTube video shows the user applying white Crayola pencil colors to her lower water line, which is the lower rim of her eye that’s close to her eyeball. She also applies a variety of other colors as a rainbow of shades to her eyes and her lips.

For the most part, those who seek to use Crayola colored pencils as makeup do so because a whole box of colors for around five bucks is much cheaper than buying the same amount of eyeliner and lip liner pencils at Sephora or Ulta.

As reported by the Inquisitr, other popular DIY cosmetic videos include contouring makeup videos on YouTube — a process that could be safer than dipping Crayola colored pencils in hot water and using them as cosmetics.

[Image via YouTube]