This Cat Gets Brain Freeze From Eating Ice Cream And Hilarity Ensues [Video]

So, it turns out cats can get brain freeze after all — and poor Napoleon had the unsavory experience of finding out the hard way.

While enjoying some yummy ice cream, 3-year-old Napoleon, Napo for short, suddenly came across a jarring sensation that many of us know all too well – that mini headache called brain freeze.

At first encounter with this strange sensation, Napo seemed to have let out a yelp in both question and pain.

cat gets brain freeze

Yes, my friend, that is the unprecedented agony of brain freeze.

The good news is, Napo didn’t let that annoying sensation stop him from enjoying his treat — and as soon as the brain freeze subsided he went right back to savoring his ice cream straight to the very end.

cat gets brain freeze

Note, however, that it’s never a good idea to feed your feline friends a large amount of ice cream as this will not be good for their health. When giving them these frozen treats, limit their intake to a tiny spoonful once in a while.

[Image: YouTube/BuzzFeed]