Running Shoes: New Lacing Technique Helps Prevent Blisters

With summer just around the corner, people everywhere will be putting on their running shoes and hitting the pavement. Many people will develop blisters on their feet, which will hamper their ability to go back out and continue running. Luckily, a mystery has been solved that could change the world for runners everywhere. Lacing up your running shoes now has just been hacked.

What is the purpose for the extra holes at the top of running shoes? A video posted on YouTube answers the question.

Preventing blisters are one of the most common problems that runners face. On feet, blisters are formed due to friction between the feet and the shoes. Each time a person takes a step, the shoes impact the surface of the ground. This energy is transferred to the feet, which slide in the shoes. This sliding movement creates the friction between the feet and the shoes, and is magnified while a person is running. A pocket forms on your skin, fills with fluid, and creates a blister.

For the most part, people never feel this movement that is happening in their shoes. People tie their shoes to a level of tightness that makes them feel like their foot and shoe are one solid unit. Without using the technique in the video, the foot will always move, at least slightly, while inside the shoe.

Why is this a big deal?

Walking and running are the simplest forms of exercise. Either one helps with controlling weight and improving the health of your heart. When your shoes do not fit right, blisters will form. That is a fact. Blisters are painful, and could potentially become infected, leading to a more serious health problem.

The human body is designed to compensate for a body part that is injured. With a blister on the foot, the way a person walks will change in order to limit the amount of pain. This can cause a ripple effect through the body and cause problems in other areas. The back is one area that can be impacted by walking differently. The spine will not be in the proper position and can cause more pain. Chiropractors try to educate their patients on why proper fitting shoes is vital to spine health.

Now that the weather is nice, and marathon season is here, make sure if you are planning on running that you use this shoe lacing technique. Your feet will thank you.

[Image via Brendon Thorne / Getty Images]