Boy, 3, Drowns After Riding Bike Into Lake, One-Year-Old Also Found Alone Near Water, Babysitter Arrested

A three-year-old boy, Aaryn Thacker, drowned in Lake Granbury, Texas, after riding his bike alone to the water’s edge. Police were notified of a one-year-old little girl who was found outside alone and that a three-year-old was missing. Upon responding to the call, police were led to a home where the 18-year-old babysitter, Briana Delbridge, was supposed to be caring for the children. The babysitter was oblivious to the fact that the two children were missing. Police scoured the area to find the missing boy and immediately began searching the water after finding his tiny bicycle parked by the shoreline. The child was eventually found unresponsive in the shallow waters and was taken to the hospital where they were unable to save him.

The Star-Telegraph reports that three-year-old Aaryn Thacker was in the care of Briana Delbridge, 18, when he rode his bicycle to the edge of a shallow body of water and drowned. The babysitter did not notice that the toddler was missing until neighbors arrived with a one-year-old girl who was also under her care. When neighbors returned the little girl to her care, Delbridge saw that the three-year-old was also missing. The police were called to the location and the search ensued.

“When they got to the home, they found a baby sitter and they realized another child, a 3-year-old boy, was missing.”

Authorities note that since the area was so close to the lake, several searchers, including Brazos River Authority employees and game wardens, were called in to help. Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds says that when they found the boy’s small bicycle with training wheels near they shorelines, they were hoping for the best but preparing for the worse.

“We were fearing the worst and hoping for the best.”

According to the Daily Mail, the babysitter was taken in for multiple counts of child endangerment charges. Sheriff Deeds notes that additional charges will likely be added including two counts of injury to a child.

“I am confident charges will be filed before too long.”

Deeds says that blood was drawn from the babysitter to see if alcohol played a part in the children’s disappearance. However, those results are not back yet. It was also reported that Delbridge had a criminal past including outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants.

Police say that the children’s mother was at work when the incident occurred and was driven to the hospital by a state trooper.

[Image Credit: Hood County Sheriff’s Office]