Ana Cheri Teases Fans & Unzips Workout Bra In Flirty Video

Brunette bombshell Ana Cheri knows how to get the attention of her 12.4 million followers. Most of the time that involves baring lots of skin. In her latest Instagram update, the beauty teased fans by giving them a flash of cleavage when she unzipped her workout bra in a flirty video.

Ana's clip showed her modeling several workout bras and a pair of yoga pants from her clothing line, Cheri Fit. The video captured her body from her hips up as she stood near a wall covered with floral wallpaper.

The first portion of the video proved to be the most sexy as she lowered the zipper on her black bra while flashing a smile at the camera. Before the zipper came undone, she quickly closed it up. She then lifted her hair, spun around, and gave followers a look at the back of the bra. Ana swayed her hips back and forth before the clip jumped to her wearing a different bra. It showed her backside for a few seconds before she turned around and faced the front.

The video continued in the same fashion, showing the beauty in a variety of bras in colors that included red and pink. All of them showed off her cleavage and hourglass shape as she struck several coy poses. At one point in the clip, she playfully held a rose and waved it at the camera. The clip ended showing Ana wearing a pink, long-sleeved crop top.

As for makeup, Ana's eyes were framed with dark brows, smoky eye shadow and thick lashes. She also wore a rose gloss on her lips.

In the caption, she announced that Cheri Fit was having a sale on tops for Valentine's Day.

Many of her fans wished her a happy holiday, while others showered her with compliments.

"Wow your [sic] just so beautiful," one admirer told her.

"Absolutely gorgeous in every way," said a second follower.

"Omg love this and you girl," a third Instagram user wrote.

"Wow you are the perfect woman," commented a fourth fan.

Many of Ana's posts gain a lot of traction on social media. The former Playboy Playmate does not seem to mind wearing skimpy outfits, which might be at least part of why she has such a large following. One of her more popular Instagram posts in recent days showed her looking especially sexy in a set of red lingerie.