Ginge For The Win! Who Should Win ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 7?

The last week approaches. RuPaul’s Drag Race is coming to an end this week. June 1 will mark the close of the seventh season with the live grand finale. The Top Four has one last chance to glam it up for the judges, but there will only be one winner — and that winner should be Ginger Minj.

Since the beginning of the season, Ginger has been consistent. Even in the episodes where she lip synced, she was still great, just not as great as the others. There was super glue on the underside of her conjoined breasts, after all.

As a queen, she knows who she is. She is a plus-size queen that dresses for her size, but still can turn a head or two. She accentuates her curves with tight fitting clothing without looking like an over-stuffed sausage, something quite a few of the bigger queens are guilty of. Best of all, she owns her look and style. She is comfortable with her body and that shows every time she is on the stage.

Well, except for when that body has to dance. However, even in the dancing challenge, she did an amazing job. The judges themselves said they had a hard time deciding the bottom two in the episode.

Of the remaining four queens left on Drag Race, Ginger is the one that is most versatile. Pearl has a laid back attitude that keeps her from really hitting the high notes in terms of comedy, leaves her a stiff dancer, and similar, but gorgeous, runway looks week after week. Kennedy is a pageant and dance girl through and through, but falters at acting and a drag shtick. Violet may have looks to die for, but she isn’t killing anyone with laughs or bringing the house down with her acting skills.

Ginger has given the judges something new, week after week. She brings her unique style and personality to every challenge. Her charisma has garnered her appreciation and respect from all the queens on the show. She shows nerve with impressive outfits such as her “Elvis Prissley” look. And she is oh-so-talented, which was showcased in the Divine homage episode.

If you are keeping score, that is everything a Drag Queen should possess: charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.

She has it all and more.

Plus, it is about time a gorgeous big girl won RuPaul’s Drag Race. Right?

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