Lana Del Rey Apologizes For Dallas Cancellation, But Is It Enough To Win Back Fans?

Lana Del Rey has some explaining to do.

A week after she was forced to cancel her Dallas concert due to inclement weather, fans are still angry after the perceived weather forecast turned out wrong, ruining their concert experience.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Del Rey took to Instagram recently to issue an apology for the show cancellation.

“Ladies and gentlemen I’m sorry that we weren’t allowed to get on stage tonight,” she wrote. “And I’m sorry that I wasn’t granted my request to at least tell you that in person.”

And while an apology of that nature is usually easy to accept, the strange part, as the article mentioned, was that tour partner Courtney Love’s portion of the concert went off without a hitch. This has lead many Lana Del Rey fans to speculate if there was a different reason besides the weather that prompted Lana to bail.

As noted by the Live Nation Dallas Facebook Page, there were warnings that weather could impact the Lana Del Rey show.

“There is the possibility that the weather could impact today’s Lana Del Rey schedule at Gexa Energy Pavilion,” the post said. “We encourage fans to monitor the weather and not arrive early.”

However, a few hours later, Live Nation Dallas commented that “The show is still on schedule!” and “Rain chances are down in the forecast.” Courtney Love then took the stage shortly after 8:30 p.m. and ripped through her set. That’s when things got weird, according to the Dallas Observer.

“At about 9:40 p.m., well past the time that Lana Del Rey should have been going on, an official-sounding male voice came on the loudspeaker. The announcement was initially greeted with cheers. People assumed the man was introducing the headliner, recalls former Observer columnist Richie Whitt, a sportscaster at NBC who was at the show with his wife. The announcement, Whitt says, went something like, ‘We regret to inform you that tonight’s Lana Del Rey concert is being postponed because of dangerous weather conditions.’ People were asked to ‘please leave in an orderly fashion.'”

Shortly thereafter, Live Nation Dallas also posted to their Facebook page that the Del Rey portion of the concert was cancelled.

Lana Del Rey Cancels Dallas Concert

“We regret to announce that tonight’s Lana Del Rey show is being postponed due to severe weather approaching the greater Dallas area. Please exit the building calmly and head directly to your cars.”

What do you think? Was weather really the cause of the Lana Del Rey cancellation? Was her apology sufficient for her fans?

[Lana Del Rey photo credit: Ian Gavan / Getty Images]