Lana Del Rey Dallas Show Canceled: Singer ‘Threw A Hissy Fit’ [Videos]

Lana Del Rey started her Endless Summer tour on May 7 — and by May 9, she was absolutely furious.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey anticipated a little bit of hater action when she launched her tour, but she was hoping Mother Nature would be on her side. Although the debut tour date in Houston went well, there was no chance for the show to go on in Dallas because of severe weather.

In truth, there was some horrible weather that could have injured or killed Lana Del Rey fans before, during, or after her concert. After the severe weather alert was put into effect in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Weather Channel published a report stating three people were injured and one was killed by the weather during the evening when the Lana Del Rey concert would have been taking place.

In other words, sometimes things are simply not meant to be — and the decision to cancel Lana Del Rey’s concert was probably the safest. Regardless, fans were a bit upset about the fact that Lana Del Rey has been relatively silent about the entire ordeal in Dallas — or has she?

About the cancellation, @OreoBoy tweeted, “Lana Del Rey I love you so much but you just disappointed a sold out concert of 20,000 people without even saying a word.”

Although Lana Del Rey’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages are silent, it appears that she was very upset about the Dallas show being cancelled.

It is alleged by @Jvngv on Twitter that Lana Del Rey was not happy about the cancellation of her Dallas show — and showed it.

Twitter user @Jvngv tweeted, “Just spoke to a worker from the Gexa Energy Pavillion and it was not Lana Del Rey’s fault it ended. ‘She threw a hissy fit’ about the decision.”

Naturally, it is easy to see some of the reasons Lana Del Rey may have been so upset. For example, videos posted on Twitter of the cancellation of the Lana Del Rey show in Dallas show a full audience — which means that the show being canceled must have been a last-minute decision.

Would Lana Del Rey fans have loved her if they had had the chance to see her? Reports from Lana Del Rey’s debut concert in Houston left Twitter aflutter. Fan reviews of the Lana Del Rey show in Houston were particularly moved by her decision to introduce new music.

Interestingly, the media chose to focus on Lana Del Rey’s first concert of 2015 as being her attempt to “finally become Jessica Rabbit” from the 80s movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Vulture states, “Lana Del Rey is kind of a living, breathing Jessica Rabbit, if you think about it. She’s got the whole smoldering-femme-fatale pout down pat, and she’s worn a similar vampy red gown before. Now she’s even going around covering Jessica’s songs.”

About the new song, “Serial Killer,” that Lana Del Rey debuted in Houston, Ill Roots states, “The songstress decided to give a rare performance or her song ‘Serial Killer’ she originally recorded back in 2012. This track never got officially released although it surfaced on the net.”

As far as rescheduling goes, no new date has been released at this time. Local Dallas radio station 102.1 tweeted, “The Lana Del Rey show has been postponed! Yes, we are sad too and will update you as soon as we know any details on a new show date!”

The next tour date for Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love will be May 12 at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. Like many of Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer concert dates, this show is sold out.

For more videos of Lana Del Rey throughout her tour, check out the Vine hashtag #EndlessSummer.

[Feature Image via Lana Del Rey Crew]