WWE News: Rusev Loses Star Of Russian Federation, Vince McMahon Furious

As he continues on a downward spiral with his valet receiving a bulk of the attention, former United States champion Rusev now finds himself in hot water with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as the “Bulgarian Brute” lost his often used Hero of the Russian Federation medal at a Philadelphia airport, according to his Twitter.

The prop medal is seen during every Rusev televised appearance as the medal signifies his allegiance and patriotism towards Russia. But now, the medal is no longer in his possession and he is aware of who does have it in their possession.

Instagram user ‘harverybeardman’, whose real name is stated as Nate Ligthner, surfaced on the social media network with a picture of him wearing the famed medal around his neck. Rusev became aware of the fan and tweeted out his displeasure about having his medal around the neck of an alleged thief.

At this time, Lightner has made the picture of himself donning the medal his profile picture but there are no other pictures visible on his Instagram page. As far as Rusev is concerned, his problems may become more serious than just losing his medal.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is reportedly “furious” at Rusev for losing company property. And he did not just lose it, but it ended up in the hands of a fan that is now parading around with the medal.

According to Pro Wrestling Network, there have been preliminary discussions as to how the company intends to handle the situation. McMahon is not happy about having to shell out money to the prop department to make a new medal. Therefore, McMahon, WWE COO Triple H, and high-ranking executive Kevin Dunn have discussed Rusev paying for a new medal out of his own pocket.

The expense of having a replacement medal made would be in addition to a fine that any WWE superstar receives should they lose any company property. Property includes Money in the Bank briefcases, championship titles, etc.

It would only be the latest of shortcomings in recent months for the once undefeated Rusev. His valet and real-life girlfriend Lana is reportedly set for a huge push as the office and audience slowly get behind her. The drastic change in crowd response that is seeing Lana cheered and Rusev seemingly left by himself have drawn comparisons to Marc Mero and Sable.

Therefore, unless Lightner finds it in himself to return to the lost and technically stolen property, Rusev might have to reach into his own wallet and cover the cost of the lost item and deal with being slowly phased out of a once dominant role on television.

[Image via WWE]