Lindsay Lohan Does Community Service Work In Revealing Dress

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

After several postponements, Lindsay Lohan has finally continued on with her court-mandated community service. Last week, she chose a Brooklyn preschool, and although she tried to keep it mum, several photographers showed up to greet her. This weekend, the actress was more vocal about her location, posting a photo of herself on Instagram while working at a gardening center.

New York Daily News reports that Lohan tried to sneak into the back door of the Duffield Children’s Center in Fort Greene to help knock off some of her required 125 hours of community service, which needs to be completed by May 25. The community service stems from the actress’ 2012 reckless driving and false swearing charges in California.

Lohan rushed to start her work at the preschool after waiting close to three years to complete her required hours. Judge Mark Young, who approved Lohan’s request to carry out her community service in New York, is said to be losing patience. He recently spoke on the issue, indicating that she will probably serve jail time if she doesn’t complete her hours.

“She has had three years to take care of this. If it’s not done by May 28, there will be consequences.”

Fortunately for Lohan, taking care of it is exactly what she’s doing. NBC New York reports that she spent some of the day working on files in an office. Afterwards, she visited one of the children at the center, 5-year-old Donovan, who remembered Lohan from her last visit in 2014 when she shaved off a few hours of her community service.

The preschool’s administration mailed out letters to the parents of the children, indicating that Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t be left alone with any child.

“As with any volunteer, this would be under constant supervision from the classroom teacher and Duffield staff. Please know that all requirements for this volunteer work will be met, prior to her entering the classroom. Furthermore, volunteers are never left alone with children.”

Some parents, however, including Donovan’s mother, Rasha Ogunyem, were happy to see Lohan. Ogunyem stated that her son remembered the actress and was excited to see her again.

“She was happy and excited to be around the children and see Donovan. We talked about him and how she was doing. I think she’s very brave and resilient.”

In addition to doing hours at the preschool, Lohan also added more time to her community service by working at New York’s TLC Women’s Shelter this week. Dressed in grey gloves and a small black dress that revealed purple bra, the 28-year-old Mean Girls actress chopped down tree branches and helped plant flowers.

Lindsay Lohan

With only one week to go, Lindsay Lohan hopes she can complete her 125 hours in time. Jail time doesn’t seem to be an option for the actress, as she allegedly said she would “flee to Monaco” before going to jail.