WWE Rumors: Samoa Joe Appears To Have Signed A Deal And His Debut Date Is Set

Ever since Samoa Joe and TNA parted ways a few months ago, everyone has been wondering when the “Samoan Submission Machine” would sign with WWE. Rumors have persisted and he was even backstage at a recent NXT event, but left without a contract. Now, the latest rumors state that not only has Samoa Joe signed a deal with WWE, but that he’s going to show up this week.

SE Scoops revealed that Samoa Joe has signed a two-year deal with WWE, and this is according to a Reddit user by the name of “Falcon Arrow.” This user is said to be a verified WWE insider and has given a lot of reliable information in the past.

Taking things further, not only has Samoa Joe reportedly signed a two-year deal with WWE, but his debut is set for NXT Takeover: Unstoppable which will air live on the WWE Network on May 20.

If he is to show up at Unstoppable, it would be at the end of the event after the NXT Championship match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. This would not only keep focus on the title match for its time, but give Samoa Joe his own time as well.

Speaking of Owens, it was requested of him by WWE that he trim down a bit before making his NXT debut. He did that before starting with the company, and the same could be asked of Samoa Joe. If WWE did ask him to do that, it certainly looks like he’s already working on that.

Now, for this rumor of Samoa Joe appearing at NXT to come true, something would have to be taken care of first. A match between Samoa Joe and Chris Hero has been announced for a charity event for Smash Wrestling on June 6.

If Samoa Joe is going to start this week for WWE and NXT, something will have to be done about that match in early June.

NXT Takeover: Unstoppable is set to air live on WWE Network on Wednesday, May 20, and it could mark the debut of one of the biggest free agents in a long time. If the rumors are true and Samoa Joe debuts at the event, it’s going to be yet another huge night for WWE developmental.

[Image via TNA]