Did Tom Thibodeau Coach His Last Game With The Bulls?

Did Tom Thibodeau coach his last game with the Chicago Bulls?

There have been reports that Thibodeau coached his last game for the Bulls. Those reports have become consistent with the idea that not even winning an NBA Championship could save the tattered relationship between the Bulls’ front office and him.

Until he is told otherwise, Thibodeau expects to remain the coach of the Bulls.

“Until they tell me I’m not, I expect to be here, so that’s the way I’m approaching it.”

The team entered the season as one of the favorites to win an NBA title, and the favorite to represent the East in the Finals. The season ended in a brutal 94-73 failure at the hands of a beat up Cleveland Cavaliers team, leaving one big question to ponder – what to do with Thibodeau?

Many of the players have voiced their support for their embattled coach, including Derrick Rose.

“Yeah, for sure. Thibs, we grew a bond together. With him being [an assistant coach] on USA Basketball. Him coming out to L.A. to check up on me after my surgeries when I was working out out there. I think we really have a bond, so it’s not up to my decision. I loved him as a coach.”

Rose’s words spoke of finality. He spoke as if the journey is over. Should it be?

Tom Thibodeau is a good coach. The Bulls were never in the position for him to prove that he is a great coach. Neither injuries, an uneven roster, nor strife with upper management have made things difficult. How can one succeed with so many factors standing in the way?

Conventional wisdom suggests that Thibodeau is the best man for the Bulls job, or any job for that matter. He is an upgrade at the coaching position for any team except for maybe three – the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, and Dallas Mavericks.

He has his flaws. Thibodeau is a defensive master but his offensive planning needs work. There has long been a sentiment that the Bulls management wants to play at a faster pace. If Thibodeau is willing to bring in a strong-minded offensive assistant, could that help muster some peace? In a perfect world it would. The suggestion would be a happy medium for at least one more season.

Who knows what will happen with the Bulls and the Tom Thibodeau situation? It is something we must all keep an eye on.

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