Prince Harry Catches And Wrestles A Crocodile During Australia Trip

Images of Prince Harry roping, wrestling. and then catching a crocodile in Australia have emerged.

The 30-year-old Prince, who has spent the last few weeks touring Australia, was shown to be sitting on the crocodile, who appears to be around 3.1 meters long. However, rather than simply going out and doing this all by himself, Prince Harry was actually assisted in his efforts by the Parks and Wildlife Commission Northern Territory.

The first image that emerged showed Prince Harry slowly bringing the beast in on a rope from Darwin Harbour.


At this point, Prince Harry and the team then pulled the beast on-board, and he was then seen sitting on the crocodile. He could have done this either to keep it under control, or simply to use it as a rather uncomfortable chair.


And while the image above doesn’t really give us a clear shot of Prince Harry as he wrestles with the creature, another picture of Harry looking up at the camera and smiling as he has subdued him shows that he looks rather at home in this environment.


Eric Britton, a Wildlife ranger who is part of the Parks and Wildlife Commission Northern Territory, was alongside Harry when he went toe-to-toe with the croc, and he told the BBC that he did a “great job” assisting the crocodile management team as they removed the animal from a trap in Darwin Harbour.

Around 200 crocodiles are removed every year from busy water passages in Darwin Harbour so that they avoid injuries or avoid being killed by passing boats or from individuals fishing.

Ms. Britton continued with her praise for Prince Harry, via ABC, stating, “He’d make a great croc catcher. He responded to directions when catching the croc, helped pull it into the boat, and did a great job. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first because you don’t meet royalty every day, but I found him very approachable and easy to chat with.”

In fact she stated that Harry came across as “self-confident but humble,” while she insisted that “he enjoyed the experience.”

[Image via Samaa/Pedestrian/Telegraph/TVNZ]