Prince Harry: An ‘Inconvenient Truth’ About Who His Father Might Be

The identity of Prince Harry’s father was one of many rumors that circulated around Princess Diana during her lifetime. This was because she was having an affair with cavalry officer James Hewitt about a year before Harry was born.

The allegation has been given new life, after Hewitt supported a controversial new West End play suggesting that he could indeed be Prince Harry’s father. The Mail on Sunday reports that Hewitt has permitted himself to be portrayed in the production Truth, Lies, Diana, which contains many revelations about his relationship with the princess.

The play is based on interviews with people close to Diana, including Hewitt himself and her former butler, Paul Burrell.

In one scene, Hewitt reveals to a reporter, “Diana and I started our relationship more than a year before Harry was born. Now that doesn’t prove that I am his father. It’s just the… inconvenient truth.”

Princess Diana

Jon Conway, the author of the play — due to open in London on January 9 for a short season — spoke with Hewitt about his relationship with Diana. Hewitt agreed that the play would be an accurate reflection of that relationship.

“I have been talking to James over a period of two years. I met him and he told me some quite remarkable things that have never been said in the public domain, particularly about when his relationship with Diana started.

There is a startling revelation that James Hewitt makes and he has allowed me to make it in the play. This is the fact that his relationship with Diana started 18 months before Prince Harry was born. We are not saying he is Prince Harry’s father although the audience may take their own view on that.

I don’t know if James Hewitt is Prince Harry’s father and James Hewitt has always denied it either because it isn’t true or out of some sense of loyalty.”

Royal commentators rubbished the play, calling it “a nonsense.” But Conway claimed that all the revelations in the play were either taken from official documents or were based on interviews with key figures from Diana’s life.

Also, publicist Max Clifford claimed in a biography that Hewitt had told him that the relationship predated Prince Harry’s birth.

Now, James Hewitt is refusing to confirm when his relationship with Diana began, and would not be drawn on the issue of Prince Harry’s parentage.

He said, “I wish this subject would go away. It’s never going to and that’s just the way of life.”

Presumably, a DNA test would solve the problem once and for all, but it is highly improbable that Prince Harry would ever agree.

Unsurprisingly, a spokesman for Clarence House last night refused to comment.

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