WWE News: Big Update On The Shield Potentially Reuniting At ‘WWE Payback’ This Sunday


The Shield was one of the most dominant and beloved WWE factions in pro wrestling history. They had it all. Promo ability, ring skill, spot moments, power, speed — you have literally all you need wrapped into one small group of three. So why did they break up? All three men from the group have a singles future, a breakup had to happen eventually. That does not mean that they cannot reunite down the line.

Look at DX. Triple H tried to kill Shawn Michaels in various matches from a Street Fight to a Hell in a Cell, there was an even an Elimination Chamber thrown in there. Yet they ended up teaming together once again when a force was too strong for them to take on alone: The McMahon Family. This led to a great rivalry with The Spirit Squad, McMahon’s, and any person The Corporation tapped to help. So how could The Shield not form over the little issues they have gone through?

The idea was always to have them reunite. In fact, it was supposed to happen this year and lead into the next. According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE was considering putting them all together again to have big matches. This was set to lead into WrestleMania 32. What they would do back together for the show is uncertain though, outside of faction wars. All three had big matches at WrestleMania 31, so there would be no reason to have them form a team for the upcoming WrestleMania. So it seems plans have changed for now.

Many fans actually want a triple threat match with all three for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, which very well could still occur.

It seems that WWE is certainly teasing this. At WWE Payback this Sunday, all three former Shield members will be fighting for the WWE World Title, but Randy Orton will also be in the mix. Interestingly enough, Randy Orton has faced off with at least one Shield member for the last few years at Payback.

Sheild fans

WWE does want to reunite them, however, a monkey wrench has been thrown in. All three have been able to establish themselves as great singles workers. They all have their own persona that is succeeding. So WWE is concerned about “pulling the trigger” on reuniting The Shield right now. This could always change toward the end of the year, but only a force too strong for all three to handle separately would cause a reunion. Like with DX, you’d imagine that force would be The Authority.

WWE is somewhat teasing the idea of The Shield getting back together at WWE Payback. However, this looks highly unlikely. Not only would Roman Reigns have to get over Seth Rollins screwing him over a little over a month ago. He’d also have to get over the idea that he betrayed him less than a year ago. Dean Ambrose would also have to get over how Rollins tried to end his career this past fall. So the idea of them reuniting at Payback makes no sense at the moment.

There is even a rumor going around that WWE would have Dean Ambrose turn heel and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which would allow for Ambrose to get one over on Rollins. This would have Ambrose sort of take Rollins’ place in The Authority. However, this rumor has not been met with any factual data. So we can only assume that it has been spoken about but not decided on.

WWE does need new heels, but this is not the time or place to turn Ambrose. While Roman Reigns has been open about the idea that The Shield could reform, WWE is not so keen on the idea at this present time. All three are doing well alone, and until there is a good reason to reform the team, it won’t happen. Expect Rollins to remain WWE World Heavyweight Champion after Payback, and expect The Shield to stay split.

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