‘Scandal’: Olivia Pope In, Mellie Grant Out — Season Finale Recap

Scandal Recap Finale

Scandal, the political thriller TV series, wrapped up Season 4 in classic Shondaland style. With lots of action, blood, secrets, and cunning, the cast of characters upped the ante to leave viewers dangling by a frayed rope over a cliff.

The episode closed by giving fans what they’ve wanted. Standing on the Truman balcony under the south portico of the White House staring out at the Washington Monument, cupping a generous glass of red wine, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) awaits President Grant’s (Tony Goldwyn) arrival.

Meanwhile, the first sign of freedom from his marriage finds Fitz at Olivia’s condo desperately knocking, hoping for an answer. When she doesn’t answer, he returns home to the White House, frustrated and alone, and steps onto the massive balcony overlooking the south lawn.

Out of the shadows, Olivia emerges, still cupping the fishbowl-sized wine glass, her designer top slightly askew. Nina Simone playing in the background, Olivia and Fitz share a moment of long awaited passion — openly, freely, and without concern. The End — until the Season 5 premiere in the Fall.

But before Nina Simone cued in the background, or Olivia showed up on the Truman balcony, Fitz had told his wife and newly elected senator, Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young), to pack her bags and “get out.” Why? Because Mellie was responsible for the deaths of the busload of grand jurors summoned in the case against the B613 organization.

Scandal‘s First Lady, Mellie, had been so consumed with her campaign for senator and unsuspecting of her political advisor’s ambitions, made an error in judgment when she told Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) about being blackmailed for the list of jurors by one of her campaign donors who happened to have been, unbeknownst to Mellie, Rowan Pope (Joe Morton), the ruthless “command” of B613.

Scandal‘s number two man, Cyrus Bean (Jeff Perry), the President’s chief-of-staff, jumped into fixer mode when Mellie told him that she had been blackmailed by one of her campaign donors for the list of jurors who were brutally murdered as a result of providing the list to Rowan. Cyrus was unconcerned about Mellie’s problem initially until she mentioned the Remington mission. At that point, Cyrus was clear who was responsible for the deaths of the grand jurors.

Papa Pope, also known as Command, Rowan, and Eli PopeScandal‘s most nefarious character — taunted Olivia about his big win, reminding her that no one will be able to bring down the man behind B613. He told Olivia that she had won — that B613 no longer existed because of her actions — then congratulated her. In the same breath, he boasted that he would remain untouchable. That was until Huck (Guillermo Diaz) mentioned the money he had been siphoning from the B613 accounts.

After Mama Pope (Khandi Alexander) betrayed Olivia, and Papa Pope bragged he was undefeated, Olivia used the information Huck provided about the accounts to have her father arrested for embezzling money from the Smithsonian. In true Scandal style, Olivia used Eli’s cover story against him. Rowan was finally behind bars. Mama Pope was finally released from prison because of her cooperation in the cover-up and subsequent agreement to never mention B613.

Back at the White House, once Fitz told Mellie to move out, he fired Cyrus for his role in the cover-up of Mellie’s actions and collusion with Rowan. Elizabeth, Mellie’s now-former political advisor, moved into Cyrus’ office with a sinister grin on her face as Cyrus was escorted from the West Wing.

At Olivia Pope & Associates, Scandal‘s number two assassin, Quinn (Katie Lowes), stormed into Huck’s office, closed the door and pulled a gun on Huck, threatening to kill him for being a double agent — working for Olivia and B613. Quinn had recognized Huck’s signature killing technique when she evaluated the crime scene of the murdered grand jurors.

Huck admitted to killing them but said he had no choice. Quinn wasn’t buying it. The scene ended with Huck begging Quinn to pull the trigger and Quinn crying, torn between her feelings for Huck and her loyalty to Olivia.

After Eli was jailed, Jake (Scott Foley) escorted Olivia to her condo but refused her invitation to stay a while. He reiterated his love for her but said he knew she was in love with Fitz. Jake told Olivia, as he stood in the corridor brooding, that he had completed his mission and despite his love for her, was moving on.

Mouth agape, shoulders slumped forward, Olivia appeared dumbfounded by Jake’s actions. Jake urged Olivia to follow her heart and to seize what was hers.

Hence, Nina Simone, an evening breeze, red wine on the Truman balcony, Olivia and Fitz. Their lips meet gently at first and they become consumed with each other. The camera pans out and, with Fitz and Olivia still lost in passion, the credits rolled.

[Image source: New York Post]