Robbers Break Into California Home — Not Knowing People Are There [Video]

On May 8, 2015, in San Jose, California, two robbers broke into a house and armed themselves with knives from the resident’s kitchen. After heading upstairs, they found that they weren’t alone.

From the video of the California residence, via Inside Edition, you can see the two robbers make their way into the house from the backyard. There was an unlocked door for their convenience. Once in the kitchen, they armed themselves with knives, as if they had initial violent intentions. After heading upstairs, one of the robbers tells the other that someone is in a room. Immediately, they become hostile.

Instead of “robbing,” they began attempting to break into the barricaded room. Out of persistence, they even kicked a hole in the door and swiped their knives inside, in hopes to make contact. If their intent was to rob the house, why arm themselves immediately? More so, why did the robbers divert to attacking?

It seems that it didn’t matter that behind the door, there was a woman and a toddler. The room door wasn’t enough because the woman, Rosie, had to lock herself and the toddler in the bedroom’s bathroom. Were the robbers only robbers? Or did they have other plans in mind?

As you can see from the California residence’s video, the two fled the scene without attempting to take anything at all, knives still in-hand.

It turns out that the woman was only a babysitter. The home owners said that they actually had the cameras installed because of a previous robbery attempt.

What do you think the real motives were for these individuals? Was it robbery or something far worse? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: YouTube]