‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Spoilers: Get To Know The 25 Men Going After Britt And Kaitlyn

Chris Soules is now a thing of the past, and it’s time for Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe to step into the ABC spotlight. On Monday, the 2015 season of The Bachelorette begins, and both women will be competing for the love of 25 men, but they will only need one. You see, after the two-night premiere, only one woman will remain as the men will vote for which woman they want to compete for.

With that being said, you need to know a little something about the 25 men who will be competing on the show this season. Monday night will end in a cliffhanger as Chris Harrison will go to reveal your bachelorette, but leave you wondering until Tuesday night. The guys will have their vote so let’s see who they are.

Ben H. is a 26-year-old software salesman from Denver who loves Batman. He also has a huge fear of getting a stomachache on a date and getting sick.

Ben Z. is a 26-year-old fitness coach from San Jose, California. He has two tattoos on him and is one of those guys that is scared of getting his heart broken by someone not sharing the same feelings he has for them.

bachelorette 2015 ben z
Ben Z.

Bradley is a 25-year-old worldwide auto shipper from Atlanta. He has a love for Will Ferrell flicks and is a former tennis player from a Division 1 college.

Brady is a 33-year-old singer and songwriter from Nashville. He actually has a fear of having “explosive diarrhea” on a date, and social media is already saying he looks too much like Jimmy Fallon.

Chris is a 28-year-old dentist who is also from Nashville. He’s someone that loves to go on dates, but won’t be happy if you try to eat from his plate.

Clint is 27-years-old, is from Chicago, and is an architectural engineer. He’d love to be Chuck Norris for a day and social media is already on him for his Bon Jovi-esque looks.

bachelorette 2015 clint

Corey is a 30-year-old investment banker from New York. The accent comes out in full force when watching some of his favorite movies – The Departed and Good Will Hunting.

Cory is from Pearland, Texas and he’s a 35-year-old residential developer. One thing he wouldn’t find to find out is if his “dates’ really a dude.”

Daniel is 28-years-old and is a fashion designer who is the third guy from Nashville. Dishonesty and manipulation are not things he wants in someone that’s in a relationship with him.

David is 26 and from Orlando where he works in real estate. Traveling the world and owning his own real estate firm are his dreams.

Ian is a 28-year-old executive recruiter from Los Angeles. His long-lasting relationship is one based on “honesty, openness, and vulnerability.”

Jared is a 26-year-old restaurant manager from Warwick, Rhode Island. The Social Network is one of his favorite movies as is Crazy, Stupid, Love.

JJ is 32-years-old and a former investment banker from Denver. JJ won’t waste his money or time on anyone trying to “use” him.

bachelorette 2015 jj

Joe is 28-years-old and an insurance agent from Columbia, Kentucky. Life comes easy and one day at a time for him.

Jonathan is from Detroit and is a 33-year-old car spokesman. Snoop Dogg, Sam Smith, and Makonnen are his top choices for music.

Josh A. is a 27-year-old law student and exotic dancer from Chicago. Nuff said.

Josh S. or Joshua is 31-years-old and an industrial welder from Kuna, Idaho. He has a fear of his mom coming on a big date with him and having him blow his nose.

Justin is a 28-year-old fitness trainer from Naperville, Illinois. He wants to create a business that helps people reach their goals.

Kupah is from Boston and is a 28-year-old entrepreneur who believes that marriage is “FOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEVEEEEEEEER.”

Ryan B. is from Wellington, Florida, and once went on a dog rescue which saw him ride his bike from Florida to California.

Ryan M. is from Kansas City, Missouri, is 28-years-old, a “junkyard specialist,” and doesn’t want to date anyone “terrible.”

bachelorette 2015 ryan m
Ryan M.

Shawn B. is a 28-year-old personal trainer from Connecticut who obviously listens to One Direction and Blake Shelton.

Shawn E. is a 31-year-old amateur sex coach from Ontario, Canada. He just has a huge fear of passing gas on a first date.

Tanner is 28-years-old, from Kansas City, Missouri, and he considers trying out for The Bachelorette and sky diving as some of his craziest things ever.

Tony is a 35-year-old from St. Louis, Missouri. He’s got some interesting choices for favorite movies as he loves Into The Wild, A Christmas Story, and Beetlejuice.

The two-night premiere of The Bachelorette 2015 begins on Monday and continues on Tuesday. Now, don’t just tune in to check out the 25 guys you just met, but also which lady ends up being around for the whole season.

[Images via ABC]