Baby Died In Hot Car, Father Forgot To Drop Her Off At Day Care

A Florida baby died in a hot car after her father forgot to drop her off at daycare Tuesday morning, and only discovered the lifeless body when he came home that afternoon.

Police say the father, a public defender, left his 16-month-old daughter to bake in a sweltering car in the Florida heat Tuesday. A 911 call was placed and the caller said the baby was in the back seat and was not breathing.

Deputies with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Lake City, Florida, home of Assistant Public Defender Young Kwon and his wife, Assistant State Attorney Wendy Timonera Kwon, at 3:14 p.m. in response to the call. There, police found the baby died in the hot car, after Kwon forgot to drop her off at her daycare center in the morning.

Police did not release details as to who called 911 or where the vehicle was parked during the day. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office was asked to handle the investigation into the infant’s death, since the sheriff and other local law enforcement officials routinely deal with the Kwons, who both work for the state’s 3rd Judicial Circuit, according to the New York Daily News.

“On Tuesday, May 12, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office responded to 111 SW Stafford Court to investigate a 1- month-old infant’s death.

At 3:14 pm, the Columbia County Combined Communication Center received a 911 call where the caller stated the infant had been in a car and is no longer breathing. Deputies arrived with Fire Rescue and discovered the 16-month-old deceased.

Due to the victim having relatives that routinely interact with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Mark Hunter requested that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) assume the investigation.”


Public defender for the 3rd Judicial Circuit, Blair Payne, said he “got sick” when he heard the baby died in the hot car, adding, “It was the most horrible thing you could think of.” Payne also said Kwon frequently brought the couple’s three children into the office and described the parents as “dedicated.”

“He and Wendy’s whole life revolved around their children,” he said.

At this time there has been no additional comments from the FDLE or Mrs. Kwon’s office. The day the baby died in the hot car, the temperature in Lake City topped 92 degrees, according to Action News Jacksonville.

[Image via CNN]