Paul McCartney Is Dead! But Only If You Believe Twitter Trends

Paul McCartney is not dead. He’s very much alive and doing fine thank you very much. However if you’re a Twitter user there’s a good chance this morning that you heard of the Beatles demise.

The term RIP Paul McCartney quickly became a top trending topic on Twitter Wednesday afternoon after various Twitter users retweeted the message without checking to see if there was any truth behind the tweet.

It turns out people love to spread Paul McCartney is dead hoaxes, you might recall 40 years ago a similar incident occurred in which the Beatle died in a car accident and was then quickly replaced by an imposter so the Fab 4 could remain together.

The sad part is the McCartney story isn’t even the first of the last week, we’ve received various false death reports for Eddie Murphy, CĂ©line Dion and even Justin Bieber.

For Twitter users it’s probably good to remember that a simple Tweet isn’t verification of a news story, in fact 1000 tweets which can occur in a matter of seconds with a star as big as Paul McCartney also don’t verify that something is in fact true.

We promise that when Paul McCartney is no longer alive our Twitter feed @TheInquisitr will broadcast the correct message. Perhaps Twitter isn’t wrong, maybe Paul has nine lives like a cat.

Did you fall for the RIP Paul McCartney message that circulated around Twitter on Wednesday?