Princess Charlotte’s Future Figured Out By Astrologers, Queen Elizabeth Gushes Over Great Granddaughter, But Is She Ginger?

Princess Charlotte is only just over a week old, but it turns out that some people have already figured out how her entire life will unfold.

Astrologers were asked by the Daily Express what’s in store for Princess Charlotte’s future, and it turns out that she is set to be a rebellious individual. After analyzing Charlotte’s birth date and time and a number of other facets, her forecast was predicted by Russell Grant and a number of other astrologers.

Grant predicted that Charlotte will just be like her grandmother, Princess Diana, and she is going to dislike authority. In fact, Grant warned that Charlotte is going to be a “handful.” But because Charlotte has been born into the royal family, she should have an easier transition than Diana.

Lori Reid believes that because her rising sign is Cancer, Charlotte will be very affectionate and have a “soft roundedness” to her looks. In fact she even predicted that Charlotte will “love cuddles.”

Reid continued, “Not only is she blessed with charm but, with the Moon linked to Venus, she will grow into a stunning beauty. As long as they are cosy and comfortable and well-fed.”

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II has already grown extremely close to her great-granddaughter, and while at Buckingham Palace’s first garden party of the summer, the head of the royal family couldn’t help but praise Princess Charlotte as the 8,000 guests arrived.

Queen Elizabeth II met Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace in the first few days after she was born. One guest 84-year-old Susan Pollack told the Daily Mail, “I told her I’m so happy at the arrival of another baby. I said congratulations. She said, ‘Yes, we love to have another girl.’ She smiled at that. She was very relaxed and enjoying.”

Meanwhile, red-heads across the world are convinced that Princess Charlotte was born with ginger hair, which was originally wrapped under her bonnet when she was first shown to the world in front of St. Mary’s hospital. They’ve taken to Twitter to allege that Princess Charlotte will look similar to her uncle, Prince Harry.

[Image via Hello Magazine]