Mom Leaves Kid In Car While She Goes Out Drinking On Mother’s Day

Being a mom, like Hayley Dawn Hampton, is obviously a big responsibility, and children are generally the highest priority for mothers like her.

But even the most attentive mom has to live a little, right? Let her hair down, kick up her heels, let loose, relax and have fun, however she sees fit, especially on Mother’s Day.

At the same time, there are definitely societal and safety parameters a Mother’s Day mom needs to recognize when it comes to her kids and letting her freedom flag fly, and one of those is a mom shouldn’t leave her kid buckled into the car out in the parking lot while she pops into a bar and throws a few back.

However, an Oklahoma woman, Hayley Dawn Hampton, 28, apparently never received this motherly advice, leaving her four-year-old kid behind in the car while she joined her boyfriend and some other friends in a drinking establishment unfortunately named Lumpy’s Sports Grill.

KOCO Oklahoma City reports that Hayley Dawn Hampton arrived at Lumpy’s around 11:20 pm on Mother’s Day night, according to the Lumpy’s Bartender.

Hayley Dawn would later explain to police that she had gone to Lumpy’s to pick up her boyfriend, who was drinking at the bar with some buddies after a long day of labor.

As can happen, one thing led to another, and it being Mother’s Day and all, and Haley Dawn Hampton actually being a mother with living proof of the fact right outside in the parking lot, the cordial gents invited Hampton to celebrate with them and have some drinks.

The Mother’s Day celebration involving Hayley Dawn Hampton was apparently rolling along fine until the Lumpy’s bartender caught wind that Hampton’s child was out in the car in the parking lot, reports News 9 Oklahoma.

While Hampton had apparently had her boyfriend — who isn’t the child’s father – go hang out in the parking lot to keep an eye on the nipper, Hampton’s boyfriend came back inside Lumpy’s after about 10 minutes, a fact that Hayley Dawn was well aware of, according to the bartender.

After watching Hampton and her boyfriend drink it up for a while, seemingly without a care in the world, the bartender became concerned and went out to check on the child herself.

Sure enough, there the kid was, sleeping in the back seat of Hayley Dawn Hampton’s gray Nissan Xterra, so the bartender called the cops.

Police arrived shortly thereafter and, like the bartender, witnessed the child sawing toothpicks in the back of the Xterra.

Upon confronting Hayley Dawn with the fact that her child was alone out in the Lumpy’s parking lot, police were immediately met with discrepancies between Hampton’s version of events and everyone else’s.

The bartender said Hampton had been in the bar for about an hour before police arrived and had “at least a beer and a shot.” Hampton’s boyfriend, meanwhile, tried to whittle the time down a little, saying Hayley Dawn had been there for about a half hour. Finally, Hampton herself claimed she had only been drinking at Lumpy’s for “five minutes or so.”

Hampton then took absolving her motherly responsibility a step further by throwing her boyfriend under the bus, telling police the whole thing was his fault because he said was going to stand out in the parking lot and watch her child.

In the end, with the cops arriving at a reported 12:20 am — it wasn’t even Mother’s Day anymore anyway — Hampton’s claims fell on deaf ears. Instead she was arrested and charged with child neglect, a heckuva way to put a night cap on Mother’s Day.

Unlike Haley Dawn Hampton, her boyfriend was absolved of any responsibility, and the child was sent to another Hampton family member, in hopes that Mother’s Day 2016 will end on a better note.

[Image via Oklahoma County Jail]