Tommy Lee Jones: ‘The Fugitive’ Getting A Remake By Warner Brothers

Tommy Lee Jones may soon be reprising his role as U.S. federal marshal Samuel Gerard in a possible remake of the 1993 hit film The Fugitive.

AceShowBiz is reporting that a new take on the action movie, which starred Jones and Harrison Ford, is in the works at Warner Brothers. According to the news site, Christina Hodson who landed her scripts for the 2012/2013 Blacklist is said to be preparing to write the screenplay. According to The Guardian, she has also written the forthcoming Naomi Watts thriller Shut In.

The original film was adapted from a ’60s television show and followed Gerard as he was chasing a man, Dr. Richard Kimble (Ford), who had been wrongly convicted of murdering his wife.

The film earned $369 million globally and earned Tommy Lee Jones a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and a spin-off, U.S. Marshals, according to Entertainment Weekly. The Fugitive, which only had a $40 million budget to complete its iconic action scenes, was also nominated for four Academy Awards (including Best Picture). The original producers, Arnold and Anne Kopelson, are currently on board to produce the new movie for Warner Bros. This will make Kopelson’s 30th film and will mark his return to Warner Brothers.

There is currently no word as to whether or not the new film will be a total remake, or if it will somehow include Ford and Jones. Ford, who is still recovering from a plane crash that happened earlier this year, recently signed on to reprise his roles in the new installments of Star Wars and Blade Runner.

Deadline has reported that production on the new film will start early next year.

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[Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]